In the latest beta version of iOS, Apple is trying to remove the green spots in the images

اپل در آخرین نسخه بتای iOS سعی دارد لکه سبز موجود در تصاویر را حذف کند

It seems that the latest beta version of iOS 15 released by Apple includes improvements in the imaging section and can reduce the green spot caused by the reflection of light in the lens, which is more prominent when shooting in open and sunny environments.

Many iPhone owners have encountered green spots while shooting with their camera; Although such a problem is less common in the final saved images, its presence in the viewfinder can be unpleasant for many people. Of course, in some cases, we may see such a phenomenon in the image stored on the device memory, but Apple has tried Is To reduce the incidence of such an event as much as possible with post-shooting processing. However, due to the lack of software changes in the frames displayed for the viewfinder, users usually encounter this phenomenon when using the Live Photo feature.

Compressing the image in GIF format makes the green spot appear white.

A Reddit user has posted a post claiming that Apple has tried to reduce the appearance of green spots in the viewfinder and final images in the recent beta version of iOS, and the authors of the authoritative publication The Verge They also managed to confirm the validity of such a claim by examining the general trial version of iOS on the iPhone 12 mini. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Another Reddit user said he had seen the green spots removed on the iPhone XS; While another user reported that the status of the iPhone 8 Plus did not change.

The new feature added to the iOS beta is expected to be enabled only for devices equipped with the A12 bionic processor or newer, which includes the iPhone XS and XR along with later generations. Restricting new iOS features to new iPhones is not new, and the A12 Bionic processor was recently announced as a prerequisite for some other emerging features such as Live Text and Face Mode portrait mode.

In the latest beta version of iOS Apple is trying In the latest beta version of iOS, Apple is trying to remove the green spots in the images 2
The green spot is clearly visible at the edge of the tree.

Imaging enhancements in the iOS beta include limitations, and some users still report green spots in their device’s viewfinder. Also, the processing required to eliminate light reflection after recording high-resolution videos such as 4K at 30 or 60 frames per second can be very heavy, so it is not far-fetched that this feature is limited to shooting mode. According to many other similar examples, it is possible that the final performance of the feature mentioned in the stable and final version of iOS will be increased or eliminated altogether; But it is clear that Apple is trying to remove the green spot in the images recorded with its products.

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