Increase the share of use of Microsoft Edge browser to 11 percent

Increase the share of use of Microsoft Edge browser to 11 percent

Recently, the latest statistics Statcounter Regarding the share of using desktop browsers, it was announced that Microsoft Edge continues to increase its share in this market. The desktop browser market is slowly changing and moving, and in the November 2022 report, this general trend is repeated and small fluctuations are shown in it.

However, by comparing recent months and years, one can notice a general trend, and that is the positive growth of the Microsoft Edge browser. Edge has shown slow and steady growth in the desktop browser market. According to Statcounter, the market share of the Microsoft Edge browser has crossed the 11% mark for the first time after a long time of release.

Modern Microsoft Edge browsers based on the Chromium project scored 0.31 in this regard, and their overall share of this segment has reached 11.17%. To compare this statistic, we can take as an example the share of Edge in the last year, which was approximately 9.52% of the market.

Microsoft Edge market share

Google Chrome is still the undisputed king in this segment, and the overall usage share of this browser in the desktop segment is 66.13 percent. Apple’s desktop browser Safari is also in third place with a share of 9.62 percent, despite being only available on Mac computers, and another popular browser, Firefox, is in fourth place with 7.1 percent.

The Opera browser, another project based on Chromium, is in fifth place with 3.3 percent. The obsolete browser Internet Explorer, the former king of the desktop segment, is still alive and is in the last place with a share of 0.77 percent. It seems that some people are either unwilling or unable to let go of this browser, and despite Microsoft’s successful attempt to replace it, few people continue to use it.

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