Increasing US austerity: More restrictions await Iranian Internet users?

Increasing US austerity: More restrictions await Iranian Internet users?

Google changes in recent days for Iranian users It had a lot of margins. Previously, users had access to blocked services using a VPN, but now Google can detect users being Iranian in many cases. It now appears that the US Office of Foreign Investment Control (OFAC) wants to put more pressure on tech companies to follow in Google’s footsteps, which means more restrictions for Iranian users.

A Google employee named Vinicius Fortana recently broke the news on Twitter. announced. According to him, OFAC is looking for companies that do not make every effort to identify the geographical location of users in sanctioned countries. Such a move is in line with US sanctions.

“Ofak will look for companies that do not try to identify the location of their users to comply with the sanctions,” said Jigsaw, Google’s chief executive officer. Expect more companies to close their accounts to Iranian users. “In order to maintain internet freedom in Iran, there is now a need to change policy.”

According to him, this measure will force technology companies to cut off Iranian users’ access to the sanctioned services, although Iranian users have long been using such services using IP switching programs such as VPN. However, the United States apparently wants to prevent such a thing without imposing new sanctions.

If these companies follow in Google’s footsteps, which seems to be possible under OFAC pressure, users’ access to more services is likely to be limited. Such a change would be to the detriment of online businesses and webmasters because they can no longer use some critical services such as Google Analytics.

According to previous reports, Google can identify 20 to 25 percent of Iranian users, which, given recent news and OFAC pressure, is unlikely to increase in the coming weeks and a large number of other Iranian users will no longer be able to access the banned services, even with apps. Use IP change.

Technology companies have various tools to identify users in different countries, including Iranian users, and will use them if forced to do so.

If the strictures increase, the work will be more difficult for Iranian users, especially online businesses in our country. In fact, in addition to the problems of the Internet in the country, they have to deal with new problems with double force.

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