India has announced the discovery of a new species of “three-leap” corona

India has announced the discovery of a new species of "three-leap" corona

Health officials in India have announced a new “three-mutant” corona species in the country that is more transmissible, much more lethal than previous species and resistant to existing vaccines.

Reports of cases of this mutant strain in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Delhi provinces Confirmed. In addition to trying to curb previous strains of the coronavirus, India must now launch a new campaign against the new three-mutant species. The triple mutation virus is actually three different types of Covid-19 virus that have combined to form a new type.

In early April of this year, the “double-stranded” strain of the corona virus was confirmed in this country, and now there is talk of a newer strain.

“Madhocarpay, a professor at McGill University, says:

“This type of three-leap corona is very dangerous and has a high transmission power. As a result, it can quickly make many people in this country sick. “Given that the new species has mutated, existing vaccines do not have the power to inhibit it, and we must modify existing vaccines to be effective against this strain as well.”

Failure to contain the coronavirus’s two mutant grandchildren seems to have caused the people of the country to face a bigger crisis that could even affect other inhabitants of the earth.

This type of virus is said to be more deadly than previous species and can cause more severe infections in infected people. Researchers at the National Institute of Medical Genomics in India say they have found traces of the South African and Brazilian coronas in the study of the new species. Researchers at the institute believe that if a person is infected with previous species or even if they have been vaccinated, they will not be safe against this new type of Indian corona.

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