Innovation centers of the National Post Company were opened in 5 provinces

مراکز نوآوری شرکت ملی پست در 5 استان افتتاح شد

The inauguration ceremony of five innovation centers of the National Post Company was held simultaneously in the provinces of Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Golestan, Isfahan, Yazd in cooperation with the National Post Company and the Presidential Innovation Center.

Deputy Minister of Communications and CEO of the National Post Company, at the opening ceremony of innovation centers, said that if we want to change the country’s post office, we must pay more attention to intelligence, emphasizing the importance of mechanized post offices in the country.

“The next discussion is technological discussions based on the system,” Ramazan Ali Sobhanifar said at the opening ceremony of the National Post Company’s innovation centers during World Post Week, emphasizing that this platform is available at the National Post Company and can be helpful. “It’s smart postage.”

According to Sobhanifar, attention to infrastructure was one of the topics that the post focused on, and this issue has led to between 40 and 50% progress in this area.

“If we want to change the post office, we have no choice but to make the country’s post office smarter,” he said, referring to regional hobbies, protection of sent packages and the addition of facilities in this area. “It was the basis of smart postal mechanization centers, and we made every effort in this area.”

Iran, a leader in the field of post technologies

According to Middle East Post experts, the largest technological center in Iran Post is being set up, and this is a very important and significant issue.

In another section, he emphasized the GNAF system, emphasizing customer satisfaction, and continued: “The comprehensive GNAF system is approved by the parliament, and the law stipulates that the National Post Company is in charge of it; “It can help businesses and seriously prevent corruption and lead to transparency in society.”

“Startups and accelerators are expected to be more serious in this area,” said Sobhanifar, who believes that traditional post can not work in this area, and that innovation centers have three sections: post, tech post and e-commerce or digital economy.

Post should be product oriented

According to him, the focus should be on postal products and post should be product-oriented, so startups should pay attention to this issue and produce services in this area.

“We want startups and accelerators to pay attention to this issue and make the post product-oriented in this area,” Sobhanifar continued.

According to him, the second part is advanced logistics and technology, but the post is not going to discuss the opening of a logistics center, but is trying to implement technology in this area, he said. “Send solutions and plans.”

The CEO of the Post Company stated that in the discussion of travel, if we know how many packages and shipments we have and also know the capacities and amount of packages to send the right car, less energy will be wasted. “And plan the distribution and enter.”

“By monitoring goods, smuggling and hoarding can be prevented,” he said of imports. In this section, other electronic services were provided and a memorandum of understanding was signed with the government to connect people with government agencies by mail. “This communication will take place electronically and receive the tracking code of the letter and the requests of the users.”

He stressed that this process leads to the elimination of corruption and transparency. “In the next part of this process, we are looking to develop the digital economy and e-commerce,” he said. “And this is a world of ideas, and the postal company provides good services with planning, and startups can come up with ideas in this area.”

Launching the first e-commerce website in the National Post Company

“Mohammad Reza Ghaderi,” a member of the board of directors of the National Post Company, said at the ceremony that in this area, there is talk of digital transformation and information recovery: “One of the first e-commerce websites in the country was launched in the National Post Company. we did. “Also services like the tracking system, which is based on strong biostructures, as well as the JF system.”

“Today can be a good start for working with startups,” Ghaderi said, noting that now is a good time to work with startups. “However, startups and the National Post Company both have grievances, and some inconsistencies in the formation of this trend are natural.”

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“Simultaneously with the signing of 74 memoranda of understanding with science and technology parks, we decided to open our own national post office,” he said, referring to the National Post Company’s innovation programs over the past year and efforts to de-monopolize. “Innovate so that the problems of startups and posts go well.”

Innovation is not a luxury

“Shahriar Zeini”, the director of macro projects of the Space Technology and Advanced Transportation Technology Development Headquarters, said in another part of the inauguration of the National Post Company’s innovation centers, referring to the difficult days of Corona and thanking the cooperation of activists in the National Post Company: “The scientific deputy will do his best to accompany the post.”

“We are trying to move forward with the use of electric motorcycles and drones,” Zini said, emphasizing that the National Post Company is one of the leading government agencies in the field of technology. “The use of these facilities will not only lead to the development of technology, but also to the improvement of environmental conditions.”

Referring to the cooperation between the Post and the Tehran Municipality for the development of the innovative postal logistics sector, he said: “Last year, a memorandum of understanding was signed in this regard, but due to currency fluctuations, its final implementation was not possible. “However, we hope that this issue will be seriously considered and followed up.”

According to Zeini, developing a post-innovation innovation ecosystem is not just a move. On the other hand, this is not a luxury issue, it is indeed an inevitable issue and it should be used for development.

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