Instagram displays video posts shorter than 15 minutes as Reels

اینستاگرام پست‌های ویدیویی کوتاه‌تر از 15 دقیقه را به صورت Reels نمایش می‌دهد

Instagram It announced that all new video posts whose duration is less than 15 minutes is, now as a Rails (Reels) is shown. Of course, this change applies to newly uploaded videos, and previous videos will still be displayed in video format.

The social network owned by Meta started testing this change a few weeks ago and now In your blog post announced that in the coming weeks, it will be available to all users. Instagram explains that this change is part of its efforts to provide a more immersive and full-screen experience to its users.

Additionally, Instagram is also integrating the Video and Reels tabs into users’ profiles to create a single section for all videos in the app.

Despite this change, if your account is public and you post a video (which will eventually become Reels), anyone can find your Reels and use its audio to create their own Reels. Also, if you have a private account, your Rails videos will only be shown to your followers.

Another important thing is that when you post a new video reel, if your account is public, other users can create a remix with it. To prevent this from happening, you can disable this option from your account settings menu.

New ways to record Instagram Reels videos


In addition to this change, Instagram also announced that it is introducing new ways for users to create and share their Reels videos. For example, with a new feature, users can simultaneously record content and reactions using their phone’s front and back cameras.

While this change may cause some challenges and frustration for some users, its addition to Instagram is not that unexpected, as the social network has always tried to simplify videos on its platform and also has serious competition with TikTok.

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