Instagram introduced a new tool for automatic filtering of direct messages

Instagram introduced a new tool for automatic filtering of direct messages

Instagram is a new tool today Unveiled Which allows users to automatically filter out direct message requests containing offensive words, phrases and emojis.

With its new tool, the social network targets celebrities in order to prevent them from receiving insulting messages.

Enabling and disabling the message request filter is in a new section of the social networking app called “Hidden Words”. When you enable this feature, offensive messages will be placed in a separate folder.

Messages are hidden in this folder, allowing users to browse within messages without having to face them. Of course, users can tap this message and read or delete it, but it is also possible to rip them.

According to the social network, various organizations have worked together to obtain a list of abusive phrases, however users can create a personal list at their own request.

Instagram has announced the release of this new feature in several countries in the coming weeks, although these countries have not been specified yet. In the coming months, this feature will be available to users in most countries.

The social network also announced the release of a tool that users can use to prevent new accounts from being hacked. With this feature, a user after activating a person can activate an option that blocks all new accounts of that person. Instagram did not provide information on how to do this.


These tools are Instagram’s latest attempt to combat hate speech on the platform. The company said in February that it would disable the accounts of users who send multiple annoying messages to others. In 2018, the ability to filter offensive comments was expanded, and comments that attack the appearance or character of people are automatically blocked.

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