Instagram is likely to copy the vertical feed feature of stories from Tic Tac Toe

Instagram is likely to copy the vertical feed feature of stories from Tic Tac Toe

Instagram is trying to make the way of viewing the feed story more similar to the way of viewing the tick story feed, and may update the popular application with the ability to view the “vertical feed story”.

TickTock users can now view stories by swiping up and down with the help of the Feed Vertical Stories‌ feature. Meanwhile, Instagram users now move their finger left or right on the screen to view stories.

According to a report published through «TechCrunchInstagram is working on developing this new feature in a tick-tock style. This is not the first time Instagram has emulated the features of Tic Tac. Instagram Rails is actually a copy of the Tic Tac feature.

By trying to become more like Tik Tak, Instagram is trying to retain its current users and stay ahead of its fierce competitor. One of the developers, Asandro Palozi, has seen a code indicating that Instagram is developing a new feature for vertical view of feed stories. The image shared by Alessandro shows a simple user interface. Along with the screenshot, he explained in a recent post that users can view Instagram stories vertically.

However, it can not be said with certainty that Instagram will definitely make this feature available to users. A TechCrunch spokesman confirmed that a prototype of the feature has been developed and that a trial version will not be available to users at this time.

It should also be noted that users are accustomed to scrolling Instagram stories horizontally, and this change may not be pleasant for some users. In addition, vertical navigation is currently used to direct users to the website or other pages, and if changed and updated with a new feature, an alternative measure should be considered.

In addition, another issue mentioned in the source is that in addition to developing the vertical view feature of the feed story, Instagram intends to prioritize video posts over video posts, which could be a competitive advantage with Tic Tac Toe. Create.

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