Instagram makes birthday registration mandatory for all users

اینستاگرام ثبت تاریخ تولد را برای همه کاربران اجباری می‌کند

In a new move in the next few weeks, Instagram asks all users to announce their date of birth to the company. This decision was apparently made to protect younger users who use this platform.

From the end of 2019, Instagram will receive birth dates from all new users who register on the platform, but other old users who have not previously announced their birthdays should get this information soon. To share. The date of birth may be ignored at first, but eventually forces all users to announce their date of birth.

The Instagram application asks users to register their date of birth in two ways. The application initially shows the user several times in this regard. If the user tries to continue working on Instagram regardless of this notification, a separate notification will be displayed for him.

These alerts are displayed on sensitive content to comply with Instagram rules. In other words, users who have not announced their date of birth will not be able to see this style of mail. People under the required age will also not have access to sensitive posts at all.

Instagram says they use artificial intelligence to identify who falsely registered their date of birth and ask them to confirm their age. Of course, the age verification process is still in the early stages of development, and Instagram has promised to publish more information about it in the future.

With the help of birth date information, the company builds new safety features and ensures that each user has their own unique experience on this platform according to their specific age. Instagram recently introduced restrictions for users under the age of 16.

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