Instagram puts the display of suggested posts in a higher priority than before

اینستاگرام نمایش پست‌های پیشنهادی را در اولویت بالاتری نسبت به قبل قرار می‌دهد

Instagram social network has made changes in the format of displaying suggested posts based on the feedback received from users, according to which the suggested posts are displayed in a higher priority along with other followers’ posts.

For five years, Instagram displayed only the posts of user accounts followed by the user on the main page of the program. In the last year, a new feature has been added to the Facebook-owned social network, which, after the completion of new posts, will expose suggested posts from other unsolicited accounts to the user. The new Instagram test will cause the mentioned posts to be seen among the photos and videos of the followed accounts.

Of course, from now on, users can also access the settings related to the posts suggested by Instagram. For example, it will be possible to select the desired topics in order to personalize the items suggested by Instagram. People who are not interested in such a feature can disable it for a period of 30 days. It should be noted that these changes are only enabled on a trial basis for a limited number of users, and it will not be possible for all people to view such features.

Although the It is said It will be a test to show suggestions in the posts of people who follow, but it is likely to become a major trend in Instagram performance in the future, as it will help the platform keep users entertained for longer in the app. Also, people who are not interested in seeing such content and only want to see their friends’ posts in chronological order can disable the new feature.

The new trend created among social networks allows users to have more control over algorithms and try to customize some features. It seems that the recent action of Instagram has been done in the same direction. Of course, current algorithms can easily identify people’s tastes and interests, but allowing users to choose between different options gives users a greater sense of control over their experience of using social media.

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