Instagram started using selfie videos for authentication

اینستاگرام استفاده از ویدیوهای سلفی برای احراز هویت را آغاز کرد

Fake and spam accounts have always been a problem for large social networks such as Instagram. To prevent this problem, the company now asks new users to confirm their identities with a selfie video.

Matt Navara, the social media expert who first discovered the feature Says Instagram now asks new users to take selfies to verify their identities. Meta (formerly Facebook) has promised that the received videos will never be published on Instagram and will be deleted within 30 days.

The company says it does not collect biometric data in the process and does not use face recognition technology. In other words, Instagram asks users to send their selfie video to the company and then uses artificial intelligence algorithms to confirm whether the user is a real person or not.

Instagram says that the submitted video should show the user’s head from different angles. The company had been working on the mechanism for a long time and first tested it in August last year, but technical problems made it difficult to continue. Now it seems that these problems are finally solved and this new prerequisite has been made public.

At the moment, apparently, this video is only requested from new users who intend to register on Instagram, and there is no trace of authentication requests for current users. However, we can not say for sure whether current users will be required to post a selfie in the future.

Some apps, such as Bumble, have long used a similar mechanism to ask their users to upload video from different angles to authenticate. However, implementing such a system on the scale of Instagram is much more important and may be able to prevent the activity of fake accounts and spam. Of course, this feature can also raise the voice of privacy groups.

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