Instagram tentatively blocks posts from sharing stories

Instagram tentatively blocks posts from sharing stories

Instagram temporarily disables the ability to share feed posts by stories to find out how users change their relationship with this popular feature.

According to New report, The company notifies such a change by sending a notification to users in some countries. This change is experimental and only applies in some countries.

In this notification, Instagram announced that during this test, users will not be allowed to add a post to their story:

“The user community has told us they want to see fewer feed posts in the stories. “During this test, you will not be able to add a post feed to your story.”

Many users use the ability to share posts by stories. Sometimes after sharing a post, your friends republish it through a story that you may not be very interested in doing.

While this may be annoying for some users, many artists, businesses and organizations use it to communicate with users. For example, by sharing a charitable organization’s post in stories, there is a possibility of increasing donations to that organization.

Instagram and Facebook initially encouraged users to use such a feature to get more attention to stories, but now they want to disable it so that fewer people see posts in stories.

Currently, the ability to share reshares has been temporarily disabled, and like some of the social network’s pilot projects and programs, we may not encounter it permanently, and users will still be able to share posts in stories.

Although Instagram is moving in that direction, Instagram is testing the feature to share tweets on Instagram stories as a sticker. So in the future, users may encounter the content of another social networking platform in the stories.

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