Instagram’s new feature makes it possible to recover deleted content

Instagram's new feature makes it possible to recover deleted content

In its latest update, Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to recover deleted content, including photos, videos and stories. Users can recover deleted information if authenticated.

New feature For users whose accounts are at risk of hackers, it is a good option and can prevent the removal of video content from their account. In fact, if hackers delete the content of the account, this feature will not delete the information forever and will be stored in a folder called “Recently deleted” for 30 days.

Users have the opportunity to visit the Recently deleted folder within 30 days after the relevant content is deleted. All recently deleted content is visible in this folder, and the user can retrieve any content they want. Of course, only if the identity is confirmed, the user will be allowed to retrieve the information. In fact, the new feature is highly secure and does not allow anyone to permanently delete or retrieve published content.

As mentioned in the Recently deleted section, photos, videos, tracks, IGTV videos and deleted stories are saved. Of course, keep in mind that stories are only stored in the archive for 24 hours, and if the user does not retrieve the relevant story, it will also be removed from the archive. The rest of the content stays in this section for 30 days so that the user has enough time to retrieve them, and then after 30 days the information about the Recently deleted folder will be deleted.

To access the new folder, just log in to the settings in the latest version of Instagram and then select the Account to see the Recently deleted folder.

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