Instant switching between AR and VR, one of Apple’s potential winning cards

تعویض آنی بین AR و VR، یکی از برگ‌های برنده احتمالی هدست واقعیت ترکیبی اپل

Ming-Chi KooA well-known analyst in the field of products Apple Recently announced the feature of fast and smooth switching between modes Augmented Reality And virtual reality It can be one of the main features Combined reality headset This is a company. According to Koo, this feature can have a significant impact on sales of this product.

Apple’s augmented reality headsets have long been the subject of speculation, but what most experts agree on is that the device’s dual augmented reality and virtual reality support could lead to a stormy sales performance.

Ming-Chi Koo also did the same with the release of a Tweet “It makes sense to be generally familiar with what the AR experience is like, or how VR works, but for most people it can be difficult to imagine the creative experience provided by the soft switch between AR and VR modes,” he said.

Ming Choo Koo continued his remarks about the Apple headset and also insisted that the final version of this product will not be limited to hardware that only has dual support for AR and VR, but the strength of this headset in integrating these two technologies with the ability to use They are in different scenarios.

Koo ended his remarks by announcing a release date for the product, he believes Apple’s headset from Second quarter Year 2023 It will be available on store shelves.

Quick change mode feature on Apple headset

However, it is not without merit to mention this in a tweet in history June 17Introduced a timeline to introduce this product, according to which Apple may launch this headset through an event in the month January interducing.

In the end, the product is still under construction despite its development problems, and its performance has been demonstrated to Apple board members.

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