Intel announced the structure of the Bonanza Mine bitcoin chip and mining system

اینتل ساختار تراشه و سیستم استخراج بیت کوین Bonanza Mine را اعلام کرد

Intel at the International Conference on Solid State Circuits (ISSCC) for more details on its proprietary cryptocurrency extraction processor (ASIC) Bonanza Mine Published. The company also explains how to convert 300 of these chips into a 3600 watt extraction system to power 40 per second To achieve.

Intel Says Gather all the parts needed for extraction into a compact computer and name it Bonanza Mine System Has laid. The system has four hashes, an Intel FPGA control unit, four fans and a programmable power supply.

In the image published from the reference sample of this device, four boards under the fan system, the control unit on top of it and the power supply can be seen vertically on the left side of the body. As you can see, this system uses the FPGA control unit and circuit above, which has a core. ARM Cortex Is. This core is extracted with the help of Intel Miner.

Intel Bonanza Mine System

The Intel system performs mining processes and sends its data to the Locked Phase (PLL) loop. It then confirms the result and talks to the Ethernet interface with the extraction pools. Connect with other BonanzaMine chips or BMZ1 It is also done through the UART protocol.

Each hash win is a total of 75 The BonanzaMine ISIC is formed, which can convert 8.875 volts of input power in each group of ISICs to 355 mV. Each Bonanza Mine chip with one UART serial communication It connects to the control unit at a speed of 10 Mbps and provides extraction power. Each board also has a microcontroller unit that monitors temperature and voltage levels.

Intel ای Bonanza Mine

Optimizing the Intel Bonanza Mine for Bitcoin Mining

BonanzaMine die size is 4.14 by 3.42 mm and is made with 7 nm production process. Each of the Intel systems 300 Days Which increases the size of the chips to 4248 square millimeters. Since chips are only for Bitcoin Mining Optimized, ISIC is the SHA256 dual hash engine build block.

Every day 258 Integrated Extraction Engine has it. When an engine is extracted to Nancy or the golden number, the information is returned to the control unit for validation. Each hash engine is programmed with a unique hash value from the Merkel root tree that can be run 19,350 working times Provides for each win.

The chip company has not yet announced the release date or price of this system or its chips.

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