Intel began shipping Alder Lake-P processors to laptop makers

نتایج بنچمارک پردازنده اینتل Core i7-12700 افشا شد: عملکرد مشابه رایزن 9 5900X

Intel recently unveiled the 12th generation Alder Lake processors for desktops. Fans are waiting for the introduction of a laptop version of these processors, and now an Intel official, without mentioning the specifications of these processors, has announced the start of sending Alder Lake-P processors to laptop manufacturers.

An Intel official In a tweet In addition to announcing the launch of these processors to manufacturers, he congratulated the Intel team worldwide for their hard work and commitment to delivering these products. However, we do not yet have official information on the specifications of the Alder Lake-P processors.

The desktop version of these processors uses a hybrid architecture, so laptop versions come with the same design. Powerful processors are rumored to be powered by six high-powered Golden Cove or P-Cores and eight low-power Gracemont or E-Cores. In weaker examples we have to wait for 2 P cores and 8 E cores.

Due to the disclosed configurations, users have access to 14 cores and 20 strings in the top version, which is not much different from the desktop version. The highest Alder Lake-S processor uses 16 cores and 24 strings.

Some time ago, the results of the Core i7-12700H processor benchmark hit the Internet, which reported 35% better performance than AMD’s flagship processor. In addition, it was up to 45% faster in the multi-core segment than its predecessor, the Intel Core i7-11700H. Along with AMD and the previous generation, this Intel processor outperforms the Apple M1 Max chip in some benchmarks.

Intel Alder Lake-P processors will have other powerful members that will be marketed under the names Core i7-12800H and Core i9-12900HK. The second processor outperformed the Apple M1 Max and Raizen 9 5980HX in the benchmarks.

Intel is expected to fully unveil its new processors for laptops at CES 2022 early next year.

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