Intel disclosure of Intel Alder Lake 16- and 14-core processors with Xe graphics

تاریخ عرضه پردازنده‌های Alder Lake S اینتل افشا شد

The results of several benchmarks of Intel Alder Lake processors have hit the Internet, including the 16-inch desktop and 14-inch mobile models, and use the new generation of Xe-LP and Xe-HPG graphics.

The Intel Alder Lake desktop processor uses 16 cores and 24 threads. This model is equipped with 8 Gloden Cave cores and 8 Gracemont cores, which provide users with a total of 30 MB of L3 cache. The base frequency of this processor is 1.80 GHz, but we do not know its boost frequency.

The chip uses integrated Xe-LP graphics, which has a total of 32 executable units or 256 cores with a frequency of 1500 MHz. This GPU won Score 8647 OpenCL is an acceptable improvement over the UHD 750 graphics in Rocket Lake processors.

UHD 750 graphics scored an average of 7974 points in this benchmark, so the new generation has up to 8.5% better performance. In addition, the iGPU of Alder Lake processors runs at 200 MHz higher frequency. Finally, we expect Intel’s new graphics to perform 5 to 10 percent better.

In the mobile section, we have two results for a 14-core and 20-thread processor. The chip uses 6 Golden Cave cores and 8 Gracemont cores. The chip, which is part of the Alder Lake-P ES family, has a base frequency of 800 MHz and a boost of 4.0 GHz.

This Intel processor is equipped with 24 MB of L3 cache and has been tested with a 96-unit UHD Xe-LP graphics processor. The chip uses 768 cores at a frequency of 1200 MHz and has 1.5 GB of memory, which of course we do not know if we are dealing with integrated or standalone graphics.

Intel Alder Lake Processors

This Intel Alder Lake-P platform, despite having much higher cores than the desktop model, Score 6516 Accessed in OpenCL. This could be due to driver optimization.

Intel Alder Lake Processors

Another result is the much more powerful Xe-HPG SKU graphics processor, which uses 256 executable units or 2048 cores with 6 GB of memory. This GPU with a frequency of 1400 MHz Score 18,482 Has achieved.

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Intel Alder Lake processors will be compatible with the LGA 1700 socket for desktops and the FCBGA 1744 socket for mobile phones. Disclosure of information about the new generation of Intel processors is expected to continue until the official introduction.

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