Intel Higher Turbo Frequency Increases Core i9-12900K Performance by 36%

بالاترین فرکانس توربو اینتل، عملکرد Core i9-12900K را ۳۶ درصد افزایش می‌دهد

Intel recently unveiled the 12th generation Core processors called Alder Lake and they will be available to buyers soon. It is now known that the flagship processor of this family, Intel Core i9-12900K, performs better in the highest turbo frequency up to 36%.

Intel introduced two thermal design powers (TDPs) when it introduced the Alder Lake processors, one for base mode (PBP) and the other for maximum turbo power (MTP), and there is a big difference between them. Given this, we should expect higher performance in MTP mode, which is now set. Intel uses the term PL1 for PBP and PL2 for MTP.

A Twitter user with a “9550pro” account recently took a screenshot Published Which belongs to a Weibo user named “Wolfstame”. Wolfstame is apparently Lenovo’s desktop gaming product development manager in China. This screenshot compares the performance of Alder Lake processors in the Cinebench R20 benchmark. Of course, some Rocket Lake processors are also in the chart below.

The points of the new Intel processors in this benchmark in PL1 and PL2 modes are as follows:

  • Intel Core i9-12900K: PL2 equals 10180 and PL1 equals 7492 – PL2 / PL1 ratio equals 136%
  • Intel Core i7-12700K: In PL2 mode it is 8677 and in PL1 mode it is 6689 – PL2 / PL1 ratio is 130%
  • Intel Core i5-12600K: In PL2 mode 6551 and in PL1 mode 5983 – PL2 / PL1 ratio is 110%

As you can see above, the performance of the Core i5 processor in PL2 mode will increase by 10%. In the Core i7 processor, this increase reaches 30%, and in the Core i7, we see a 36% increase in performance.

These processors will be released on November 4, but some stores in different countries have already started receiving orders for them.

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