Intel hopes to supply Mac chips again in the future

اینتل امیدوار است در آینده دوباره تراشه‌های مک را تامین کند

In a recent interview with Axios CEO, Intel CEO talked about a variety of issues, including the migration of Apple from Intel processors to Apple-proprietary silicon chips. He hopes that in the future, Intel will be able to attract positive feedback from Apple again and supply some of the processors needed by Macs.

Pat Glesinger, Intel CEO, in response to a question about the reappearance of Intel chips in Mac Apple computers said Hopefully, over time, they will be able to regain a share of Apple’s business by upgrading their products. He acknowledged that Intel was a little behind now, but promised that the company would do its best to bring its chips back to Mac.

“We are always looking for Intel to be present on all gadgets,” said the Intel CEO. But due to our slips, Apple came to the conclusion that it could make better chips, and they produced a very good product. So all I have to do is make better chips than their chips. “We hope to be able to share their business and that of many other companies again.”

Gelsinger said Intel should build products that are better than Apple chips and encourage more developers and users to work on them. “So in this area there is tough competition with the team business,” he added [کوک] I will have.”

The Cupertinos announced in June last year that they would equip all Mac computers with their own chips within two years. The company’s first product was the MacBook Air and Pro 2020, which hit the market with the M1 chip. Apple also launched the Mac mini and iMac with the same chip.

Now Intel has to work hard to get Apple to reconsider, as benchmarks have shown that the MacBook Air M1 outperformed even the Intel 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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