Intel likely to outsource some powerful processors to Samsung and TSMC

Intel likely to outsource some powerful processors to Samsung and TSMC

Intel seems to be in talks with Samsung and TSMC to produce some of its best processors, but it still hopes to improve its production capabilities and may not outsource production to Asian companies.

In recent years, Intel has not been able to make progress like its Asian rivals in the production of new chips, and now according to New reportTo make up for this, it looks like it wants to make some of its best chips with Samsung and TSMC. Less than two weeks ago, shareholders called on Intel to make sweeping changes.

The American company has not yet made its final decision and apparently wants to announce its future plans in about two weeks. If the company decides to produce its own processors by TSMC, we will not see them on the market until 2023, because the Taiwanese company has received many orders from various companies.

According to sources, Intel’s negotiations with Samsung are in the preliminary stages. At the moment, the two Asian companies have not reacted to the recent report, and an Intel spokesman also referred to the previous comments of the company’s CEO, Bob Swan.

Swann has promised investors that it will announce its plans to produce the chips by other companies and re-enter the competition with other companies. Intel has been on the cutting edge of the chip market in recent years, but has struggled in recent years to compete with TSMC in terms of production.

Under the direction of Jim Clare, Intel designers moved to modular design for microprocessors, which allows them to be manufactured by other companies. However, Clare left the company last year, and its competitors, such as AMD and Apple, performed better and TSMC production technology became more advanced. Intel has come under pressure for this and now wants to make changes to its plans.

Swann said in October 2020:

“We have another great product line for 2022, and our products will hit the market in 2023 with 7-nanometer lithography from Intel or another company, or a combination of both.”


It seems that TSMC wants to produce Intel chips with 4-nanometer lithography and is moving to a 5-nanometer architecture for initial testing. Experimental production of 4-nanometer chips is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.

We do not know exactly which processors Intel will outsource to TSMC or Samsung, however, a previous report mentioned Atom and Zeon processors. It is possible that the American company will announce its plans by the end of this month.

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