Intel NUC 12 Extreme Specifications Revealed: Dedicated Graphics Card Support

مشخصات اینتل NUC 12 Extreme فاش شد: پشتیبانی از کارت گرافیک اختصاصی

Future processor specifications Intel NUC 12 Extreme Revealed under the code name Dragon Canyon. The NUC Extreme SFF series appears to feature a soldered PCIe board with CPU, RAM and SSD, and of course a dedicated GPU.

12th generation Intel mini PC compared to the previous generation There are differences. This generation of Socket LGA1700 Intel supports. With this account, users can have more compatibility and not have problems with BIOS support.

It is expected that in this NUC of Core i9-12900 Or Core i7-12700 to be used. But if the company decides to launch its mini-PC without a processor, we can at least hope for the next generation of processors, the series Raptor Lake-Support. This does not require the consumer to replace the entire device in order to upgrade its processor.

Specifications of Intel NUC 12 Extreme

The twelfth generation of Intel mini PC comes in two models. Intel NUC12EDBi9 It will probably use a Core i9-12900 processor that will have 16 cores and 24 threads with a maximum clock speed of 5.1 GHz. Intel NUC12EDBi7 It will also likely come with a 12-core, 20-core Core i7-12700 processor clocked at 4.9 GHz.

Intel NUC 12 Extreme is set to network speed 10GbE To benefit. The latest generation NUC had two Thunderbolt 4 connectors and an HDMI 2.0b output. Display output in the next generation of Alder Lake integrated graphics Xe-LP Will support to allow consumers to continue to connect to dedicated GPUs with dual slots.

This product will still not support DDR5 memory but with DDR4-3200 Supports up to 64 GB of RAM. According to information from US and European retailers, the NUC 12 Extreme will be about 18 to 25 percent more expensive than the 11th generation. Consumers can model this product i7 with 1181 Euros Or in the model i9 with 1401 Euros To buy.

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