Intel seeks to launch Balanced Build as the most cost-effective system for gamers

اینتل Balanced Build

Intel is now focused on providing the best possible gaming experience for the price. The company seems to have found its footing in the GPU market by offering mid-range 8GB and 16GB Arc A7 desktop GPUs, offerings that, despite newer architectures, still can’t match the competition. So now Intel is looking to release a hybrid system called Balanced Build, which their claim It can give the gamer the best value for money.

Intel: New driver can improve GPU performance

The best combination of CPU+GPU to achieve the best performance with the lowest cost

However, with AMD set to launch the Radeon RX 7600 RDNA3 GPU and Nvidia now preparing the RTX 4060 TI series, Intel will have to find a new way to convince gamers to switch to Intel. Intel’s latest idea includes CPU+GPU combinations or complete systems at a low price, and that’s exactly why these packages are called Balanced Build.

Intel’s Ryan Schroth and Tom Petersen gave tech reviewers an example of GPU test systems that prioritize flagship processors. By using advanced architecture and the fastest central processor available in the market, it is possible to prevent fluctuation and weakness in game execution and provide more stable results. However, this approach is quite different from what happens in the real world, as most gamers prefer a powerful graphics card along with a reasonable processor.

To demonstrate this, they provide samples of their test systems to “top reviewers” and some Redditors, who are likely using Core i5 or even Core i3 systems, not to mention other AMD options. This processor gap is something that Intel has focused on while conducting thousands of internal tests to recommend the best combination of CPU and GPU.

Intel Balanced Build

Intel has determined that the best choices for Arc A7 GPUs are the Core i7 and Core i5 options, while the Arc A3 series should be paired with Core i3 or Core i5 processors. One combo has Core i5-12600K and Arc A750 GPUs for $423, and the complete system for less than $900. Of course, these prices may not be consistent across retailers, as it depends on RAM, storage, and cooling options, but the components that really matter to gamers will be the same.

Intel Balanced Build
Intel Balanced Build
Intel Balanced Build
Intel Balanced Build

Naturally, Intel’s proposed systems will not be suitable for every consumer. These systems are strictly for gamers, as content creators may require more powerful processors. However, if it is proven that this hybrid system proposed by Intel has the necessary performance in the game, despite these prices, they can be considered good news for gamers.

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