Intel’s 13th generation processors are expected to launch in October

پردازنده‌های نسل سیزدهم اینتل احتمالا ماه اکتبر از راه می‌رسند

Intel Roy Thirteenth generation processors Core called «Raptor Lake(Raptor Lake) works, which will probably be introduced sooner than we expected. According to new rumors, these processors will be released in October, ie in 5 months, and in the highest model, the frequency 5.8 GHz Are provided to users.

If Recent rumors True, Intel will unveil the next generation of Sapphire Rapids server processors alongside Raptor Lake processors.

Possible specifications of 13th generation Intel processors

According to the information we have to date, Intel is working on two series of processors: standard processors and HEDT. HEDT chips are a family of powerful Intel chips used in servers, data centers, and other high-power applications.

The new generation of these processors, Sapphire Rapids They are called Xeon W-3400 and Xeon-W2400 processors. However, most users around the world are exposed to Intel Lake Raptor desktop and laptop processors.

Intel Raptor Lake-S processors, like twelfth-generation processors, will support DDR5 and DDR4 RAM. This feature makes Intel chips higher than Raizen 7000 AMD processors It’s because the family only supports DDR5 RAMs, which are still expensive.

Future Intel processors will continue to have a hybrid design, meaning they will offer users powerful P-powered and low-power E cores. The chips will also be based on Intel 7 lithography. Powerful cores will be Raptor Cove instead of Golden Cove, and the cache of E cores will be increased.

The highest specimen of this family is expected from 24 cores (8 powerful cores and 16 low-power cores) and also has a maximum frequency of 5.8 GHz. Also, the thermal design power of these chips increases, even in the highest model 68 MB of cache Have.

We expect to see some exciting competition between Intel’s 13th generation processors and the AMD 7000 consultant later this year.

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