Intel’s 16-core Alder Lake processor will arrive in September

Intel's 16-core Alder Lake processor will arrive in September

Intel plans to introduce the powerful 16-core, 24-core Alder Lake processor for use in desktop systems in September 1400. The performance of Intel 12th generation processors is significantly better than the previous generation.

Based on the latest the report HKEPC, the first 12th generation Alder Lake processors to be unveiled at CES 2021, will be officially unveiled in early September.

This means that in 2021 HC will introduce two generations of desktop processors, the eleventh generation “Rocket Lake” and the twelfth generation Alder Lake.

Gamers and some desktop system users who initially wanted to wait for the Rocket Lake processor may decide to wait a little longer for the Alder Lake processor to be introduced with a completely new architecture, more cores and therefore better performance.

The number of Alder Lake cores is twice as many as the number of Rocket Lake cores. However, due to Intel’s heterogeneous design, it may not be accurate to compare the two processors based on the number of cores alone.

The dual-cluster architecture of Alder Lake processors will include a combination of high-performance Golden Cove cores and low-power Gracemont (Atom) cores. According to unofficial reports, the Alder Lake processor appears to be powered by Intel’s 10-nanometer Enhanced SuperFin process. The same architecture and new design will reduce energy consumption by 15%.

In addition, thanks to Gracemont cores, the instruction per cycle (IPC) of these cores is expected to improve by 20% compared to Willow Cove. As a result, the twelfth-generation Alder Lake processor performs about 40 to 50 percent better than the older architecture of Intel Skylake processors.

In addition, Alder Lake hardware is equipped with the new LGA 1700 socket. The new socket has good features such as support for PCI Express 5.0, DDR5 memory and support for Thunderbolt and WiFi.

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