Intel’s Arrow Lake-S desktop processors for 2024 – up to 24 cores

Intel's Arrow Lake-S desktop processors for 2024 – up to 24 cores

Rumors have recently been published according to which Intel plans to change its plans regarding Meteor Lake-S processors. Intel was supposed to release these processors in late 2023 to early 2024, but it seems that instead of them Arrow Lake-S processors be offered Both processor series were supposed to be based on the LGA-1851 socket, and their sockets have not changed. In fact, Benchlife was the first site to publish the below slide and information about the LGA 1851 socket with ARL/MTL-S code.

Intel replaces Meteor Lake-S with Arrow Lake-S architecture

Okay, on to the main news; As mentioned, Intel has canceled Meteor Lake-S desktop processors with 6P+16E configuration in the highest model. Instead, Arrow Lake-S desktop processors with 8P+16E configuration are supposed to be released in their place. These processors will be released along with the new Intel 800 series platform and its motherboards.

The Benchlife site has published more information about Intel’s 800 series platform and three new chipsets based on this platform will be released: Z890, B860 and H810. With this account, the H870 chipset and its motherboards have been cancelled. In addition, the new W880 and Q870 chipsets will also be developed from this series for next-generation workstation systems. As mentioned, the 800 series chipsets and motherboards in combination with Intel’s Arrow Lake-S desktop processors will support up to 60 PCI Express lanes. According to the report, the Arrow Lake processors are supposed to have 26 channels, while the Meteor Lake processors were supposed to have 24 channels.

These days, there are a lot of rumors about Intel’s 14th generation processors, and we still don’t have any detailed information about these processors. Also, by the time these processors hit the market, Intel should release an improved version of the Raptor Lake processors by the end of this year. But what is clear is that Intel does not intend to use the LGA 1700 socket after 2023. But fortunately, the dimensions of the new LGA 1851 socket are not different from it, and the current coolers can still be used.

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