Intel’s Lunar Lake processors, based on a completely new architecture

Intel's Lunar Lake processors, based on a completely new architecture

As it seems, Intel is on A completely new processing architecture It works for 16th generation Lunar Lake processors.

Recently, Dr. Ian Cutress from TechTechPotato announced in a tweet that Intel has released new information about the future of its processors. Lunar Lake processors are going to be introduced and released after Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh, Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processors respectively.

Lunar Lake architecture with a focus on mobile processors

The source of the new information is one of the managers of Intel’s CCG (Client Computing Group), who announced that the Lunar Lake family processors are going to have a completely new architecture and their design will be done from scratch. The main focus of this architecture is on improving performance per watt for mobile processors, and more information about this architecture will be released on January 26, when Intel publishes its financial report for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Intels Lunar Lake processors based on a completely new architecture Intel's Lunar Lake processors, based on a completely new architecture 2

Last year, during a press conference, Intel announced that Lunar Lake processors were originally going to focus on 15W mobile processors. These processors will be based on a node smaller than 20 angstroms and of course a larger node will be used for other parts of the chip. The packaging of these processors is also likely to be done with Intel’s new Foveros technology (25 micrometer pitch). The fact that Intel intends to develop this architecture with a focus on mobile processors does not necessarily mean that this architecture is not going to come to desktop processors. But Intel might not bring the Meteor Lake architecture to the desktop market at all, so the absence of a new architecture in the desktop market is not far from the mind.

According to Intel’s new roadmap, the Lunar Lake processors will be based on the 18 angstrom node and will begin production in the second half of 2024, meaning that their launch window will likely be early to mid 2025.

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