Internet situation in Iran and the world in April 2023; The one-step fall of Iran’s mobile internet

Internet situation in Iran and the world in April 2023;  The one-step fall of Iran's mobile internet

According to the custom of every month, the system Speedtest It publishes a report on the state of the Internet in the countries of the world with tables and graphs. In the April report of the “Speedtest” system, we again see the crown of Arab countries in providing high-speed Internet. On the other hand, Iran has been associated with a one-step fall in the Internet sector. In this article, we take a complete look at the Internet situation in Iran and the world. So stay with us in the next article.

According to the “Hardware Mag” news agency, the average mobile Internet download speed in the world last month 42.07 Mbps Has been and upload speed 10.33 Mbps Delayed 28 milliseconds have been. Compared to the March report, we saw an increase in mobile Internet download speed; It should be noted that the mobile Internet download speed in March is equivalent 41.54 Mbps Was. Average download speed of fixed Internet in the world in April 80.12 and upload 35.12 Mbps have been. We also see in the image below the global fixed internet latency of approx 9 milliseconds It was in April, which is no different from the delayed number of March. The above results indicate that the Internet download speed in fixed and mobile segments has been accompanied by a significant increase compared to March 2023.

Internet situation in Iran and the world in April_2

Qatar returns to the top of the table; Singaporean users enjoy the high speed of fixed internet

Unlike last month, the country Diameter Retaking the position of the United Arab Emirates, it was able to offer its people the fastest mobile internet in April. It should be noted that the average mobile internet download speed of this country is 189.98 Mbps have been. Country United Arab States In the second place, it is the fastest mobile internet and in April it reached the average download speed 175.34 Mbps register for yourself. The countries of Macau, Kuwait, Norway, Denmark, Bahrain, South Korea and China were ranked next in the list of the fastest internet in the world in March. The noteworthy point of the April report is the presence of the Macao peninsula among the privileged countries in providing high-speed Internet. Macau is a peninsula in the South China Sea, which was a Portuguese colony until 1999. This peninsula is now known as part of the territory of the Special Administrative Regions of China. The major part of Macao’s economy is provided by tourism.

Singaporewith the average download speed242.01 MbpsIt acquired the world’s fastest fixed internet last month. By passing the UAE, Chile became the second active country in providing high-speed internet in the world. After Singapore, Chile and the UAE, the countries of China, Hong Kong, Thailand, America, Denmark, Spain and Romania have taken the next ranks. Undoubtedly, the most significant change in this table, Monaco’s four-step fall And Hong Kong’s four-step climb in the last month

Internet situation in Iran and the world in April

Unlike March 2023, this time the countryYemen The world’s slowest mobile internet was provided to its citizens. The average download speed in this country has been much slower than other countries and now3.98 Mbpshas registered Before Yemen, the countries of Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Bolivia, Somalia, Ghana, Syria, Tajikistan and Cameroon have been assigned higher ranks. The noteworthy point of this side of the table is the change of position Cuba and Yemen We are witnessing a four-step increase in Cuba compared to last month.

In the fixed internet section, Cuba Again at medium speed1.97 MbpsIt has the weakest internet among the countries of the world. Afghanistan, Syria, Turkmenistan, Yemen, East Timor, Burundi, Gambia, Niger, Sudan and Swaziland were ranked higher than Cuba.

Review of Iran’s Internet situation in April 2023; The same rise and fall of one step!

Despite the tight competition of Arab countries, Iran, as the most important country in the Middle East, has not changed its internet status. According to the “Speedtest” system, the situation of Iran’s Internet has been accompanied by the same rise and fall of one level in both sectors. The average download speed of fixed internet in Iran in April 11.97 Mbps (Eq 1.49 Mbps) have been. Iran has been able to increase its position 145 be placed On the other hand, the situation of Iran’s Internet in the mobile phone sector has been accompanied by a one-step fall. The country of Iran with an average 35.98 Mbps (equivalent 4.49 Mbps) has been placed in the 62nd position, while Iran was in the position last month 61 tables was located

Internet situation in Iran and the world in April_3

Undoubtedly, users cannot express hope about the turtle situation of Iran’s Internet in both mobile and fixed phone sectors. However, Isa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications, announced that by the end of the 13th government, people will be able to access high-speed Internet through fiber optics. We have to wait and see whether Iran will experience a multi-level rise in the fixed internet sector in the coming months. Because it seems that Iran’s mobile internet situation is not going to show an upward trend. Please share your thoughts with us about this.

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