Introducing a woman app; ‌ Support for all women

معرفی اپلیکیشن یک زن؛‌ همراهی برای تمام زنان

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increase in the production of health applications in the domestic market, most of which have been of good quality. The application of a woman is one of the products that specializes in the field of women’s health and provides a wide variety of services that help women to have more and more accurate management of their health status.

This application is literally comprehensive and its services cover various aspects of women’s special needs, of which the menstrual, pregnancy and lactation calendars are the three most important components. Fortunately, most sections of the app are also free and available for free, but some sections also require a subscription.

The Period Tracker feature, or so-called a woman’s menstrual calendar, is based on the solar calendar and provides the user with an overview of the menstrual cycle based on the information she receives from the user and taking into account the influencing factors to know when to Be prepared for premenstrual complications, ovulation and menstruation. In other sections, it is possible to record pregnancy and breastfeeding, and mothers can also record the age, weight and height of their baby.

In addition, you can check the recorded days and the status of the previous months in the calendar. A woman app has even thought that if a problem arises and you need medical advice, it will help you. You can use the expert question sections, telephone counseling, or chat with other users.

Each user of the application, by answering a series of questions, will have a health profile that, in addition to personal details, records of illness and pregnancy, abortion and childbirth, will help specialists to provide more detailed advice and, of course, to use. Health tools should also complete this profile.

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A woman’s app has seven built-in tools to help users calculate ovulation day, gestational age, day of delivery, milk needed by baby, body mass index or BMI, and calories needed, and remind them of vaccination schedules. Using these tools, you can identify dangerous behaviors in each period and avoid them.

As mentioned, most of the content in this app is free, but you will need to subscribe to some sections, such as tools for predicting gender and calculating pregnancy weight gain. Of course, among the available tests, all of which are used for pregnancy preparation, only one is free.

One of the most important features of this application is the effort to increase users’ information and awareness, which is very clear in the podcast and videos section. The podcasts well explain the week-to-week pregnancy process, which is an effective help for pregnant mothers. In the video section, this work has been done more completely and issues in the field of infertility, women’s health and baby care have also been raised.

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The possibility of online access to gynecologists and specialized content, along with the various features of this application, makes us a party with a quality application that not only has nothing less than foreign examples, but also has added values ​​such as a solar calendar to meet the main needs of Iranian users. has done.

It should be noted that a one-woman team, in addition to providing applications, also has a blog with an awareness-raising role in the field of women and helps the community to deal with various issues of women in the field of health more consciously. Given that women were not given much attention until a few years ago, this is of great value.

In general, the development of special applications for women is an important step to increase information at the individual and community level, and the more these products and the more competition in the field of digital health, will primarily benefit the Iranian women’s community and ultimately the whole community. We hope to see this happen. You can download the Android version of a woman’s app from the links below and the iOS version from Website of this service download.

A woman: Communicating with gynecologists
  • A woman: Communicating with gynecologists
  • Price: Free (with in-app payment)
  • Manufacturer: a woman
  • operating system: iOS and Android
  • Volume24 MB

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