Introducing all internet packages with different operators

معرفی تمامی بسته‌های اینترنت همراه اپراتورهای مختلف

Following price changes Internet Now other Internet consumers are more sensitive than before to choose their packages. But a look at the price of internet packages of different internet service providers shows that the difference between these packages is not very big; However, the consumer notices even this slight difference.

Check Internet packages From the shortest time in all four operators MCI، ایرانسل، Rightel And we have examined the mobile shuttle.

One-day internet and variety of operator packages

The 50 MB one-day package is the smallest volume of internet that the consumer can access. This package, however, is offered only by Rytl among these four operators, and its price is 1400 Tomans for the consumer.

Meanwhile, they have offered a 60 MB one-day package with Aval and Irancell, and its price is 1600 Tomans. But the first cell in the next step, ie 100 MB, does not have a one-day package. This package, however, is offered by Irancell at a price of 2200 Tomans and Rytl at a price of 2000 Tomans.

Shuttle Mobile also offers this 100 MB package for the price of 1200 Tomans and along with 100 minutes of calls within the network. This is the lowest price in the 100 MB internet offer.

The first companion in the next stage, which is a 150 MB package, is the only provider that has offered this package for the price of 2700 Tomans for its credit SIM cards. The 200 MB package is provided only by Irancell and costs 3200 Tomans for Irancell users.

But the final six steps for operators to offer Internet packages for one day start from one gigabyte. According to the table above, a one-day GIGABYTE package is offered by all four operators except Irancell. Hamrah Aval has provided this package to its users for 6400 Tomans, Rytl for 6200 Tomans and Shuttle Mobile for 5800 Tomans.

The 1 and a half gig package is offered only by Irancell, and its price is 7400 Tomans. The next stage is the 2.5 GB package that Irancell has offered for 9400 Tomans and the mobile shuttle for 8400 Tomans.

3 GB of internet is provided only by the first two mobile operators for 9900 Tomans and Rytl for 9500 Tomans. Also, 5 GB and 7 GB one-day internet packages are offered at a price of 17,000 Tomans and 22,000 Tomans, respectively.

One of the interesting things about Internet packages is the variety of packages that operators provide to their users. Examination of different operators in offering one-day packages shows that the most variety is for shuttle with 9 packages, Irancell with 8 packages, first with 7 packages and finally Rytl with 6 packages, respectively.

3-day Internet, an unpopular option for operators

A look at the table below shows that 3-day internet It is more popular for Irancell than any other operator. The first companion did not provide any packages in this row, and Rytl and Shuttle each provided only three packages in this row. Of course, this is while Irancell has the most prominent presence in this line.

Irancell has offered 150, 250, 400, and 750 MB packages with prices of 3500, 4400, 5300 and 6700 Tomans, respectively. Rytl has also offered a 150 MB package for 3300 Tomans and a 750 MB three-day mobile shuttle package for 5800 Tomans.

1650546036 640 Introducing all internet packages with different operators Introducing all internet packages with different operators 2

A 1 GB package has been offered by Rytl for 8200 Tomans and Shuttle Mobile for 7000 Tomans. Also, Irancell has offered 1 and a half, 2 and a half gigabyte packages for three days at a price of 9 thousand and 11 thousand Tomans.

The last package of the mobile shuttle among the three-day packages is 2 and a half gigabytes, which is offered at a price of 10,500 Tomans. Rytl has also offered its 3 GB 3-day package for 11,900 Tomans.

Rally of operators in one-week packages

Three operators MCI، ایرانسل And shuttle They provide a 300 MB seven-day package to their users, which is cheaper than the other two operators.

Purchase of a 500 MB package with a period of use of 7 days is available for the first mobile subscribers of Irancell and Rytl, and the cost is almost the same and is 7,000 Tomans. Shuttle Mobile also has a 550 MB package for its subscribers, which costs 6,300 tomans and comes with unlimited calls within the network.

1650546036 715 Introducing all internet packages with different operators Introducing all internet packages with different operators 4

It is possible to buy a one-week package with a volume of one gigabyte only for Rytl subscribers at a price of 9,500 Tomans. 1.5 GB packages are also available for First Mobile and Irancell subscribers at a price of 10,900 Tomans and for shuttle subscribers at a price of 9,900 Tomans.

The largest one-week package of the first mobile is 6 GB and costs 19 thousand and 500 tomans. Irancell subscribers can also buy a maximum of 5 GB per week for 18,000 Tomans.

But Shuttle Mobile users can buy a 20 GB seven-day package for 60,000 Tomans, and Rytl subscribers can also use it for one week. Unlimited packages With a fair consumption policy, they can buy 150 GB for only 50,000 Tomans.

15-day internet packages are not news of the first mobile

MCI It is the only operator that does not offer a 15-day internet package, and Irancell has the most variety among these packages.

Irancell 400 and 750 MB packages are available at a price of 7 and 9 thousand Tomans. The 750 MB mobile shuttle package also costs 8,000 Tomans. Irancell 1.5 GB package costs 11 thousand and 500 tomans, the tariff of which is 11 thousand tomans in Rytl and 10 thousand and 200 tomans in mobile shuttle.

Compare 15-day internet package

For high-consumption subscribers, a 5 GB package with this period is considered, the tariff for which is 18 thousand and 500 Tomans for Irancell and Shuttle Mobile, and 17 thousand and 900 Tomans for Rytl.

Rytl is the only operator that offers a package of more than 5 GB for 15 days, the volume of which is 20 GB and costs 45 thousand Tomans.

Which operator’s one-month internet package is cheaper?

One-month internet packages are among the most popular packages for mobile internet users. Purchasing one-month packages of less than one gigabyte is only possible for Mobile Shuttle subscribers. This operator sells 200, 300, 500 and 850 MB packages at the prices of 3500, 4900, 5500 and 9 thousand Tomans, respectively.

But to compare internet tariffs, you can take a look at the 1GB and 2GB packages. Hamrah Aval offers a 30-day package of GIGABYTE with a price of 10,400 Tomans and a breakfast gift of 100 MB. The tariff of this package for Irancell operator is 10 thousand and 500 Tomans and Rytl is 9 thousand and 900 Tomans.

users Mobile Shuttle They can also buy this package with two different tariffs. A normal 1 GB package for 30 days at a price of 9500 Tomans or a package with unlimited calls and SMS inside the network plus 100 minutes of calls and SMS outside the network at a price of 12000 Tomans is available for Mobile Shuttle subscribers.

The 2 GB 30-day package is also offered for the first companions along with 200 MB of breakfast gift and with a tariff of 13,900 Tomans. The price of this package is 14 thousand Tomans for Irancell, 13 thousand and 500 Tomans for Wright and 12 thousand and 900 Tomans for shuttle. Of course, it is also possible to buy a combination package for 16,000 Tomans for mobile shuttle users.

The maximum volume of one-month packages with Irancell and Irancell is 7 GB, which has a similar price of 28,200 Tomans.

Rytl operator also offers this package with a maximum volume of 20 GB and a price of 49,900 Tomans. But mobile shuttles can buy a 50 GB package for a month, which costs 98,000 tomans; There is also a combined 50 GB fixed internet package for those shuttle home internet subscribers that have a tariff of 165 thousand Tomans.

Review of 2, 3 and 4 month packages

Irancell subscribers have to pay 36,000 Tomans to buy a 2-month package and receive a package that has a volume of 10 GB. Along with the parents, it is possible to buy a 2-month 12 GB package at a price of 46,000 Tomans. Rytl also offers 12 and 20 GB bi-monthly packages at a price of 42 and 68 thousand Tomans, respectively.

In recent days, Hamrah Aval and Irancell Quarterly packages They are temporarily out of reach. But Mobile Shuttle offers a variety of packages for this time period. The minimum size of these packages is 3 GB, which is priced at 33,000 Tomans, one gig is allocated monthly, and with calls and SMS inside the network is unlimited, and 100 minutes of calls per month and 100 SMS outside the network.

The largest quarterly package of Mobile Shuttle is 17 GB, which costs 45,900 Tomans. It is also possible to buy a combined package with this volume, plus 40 GB of fixed Internet and unlimited calls within the network at a price of 100,000 Tomans.

Rytl has also offered three packages of 15, 25 and 35 GB quarterly, whose tariffs are 55, 75 and 95 thousand Tomans, respectively.

But Hamrah Aval and Irancell, unlike Rytl and Shuttle, offer a 4-month package with a volume of 15 GB, which costs 62,000 Tomans.

There is no news about long-term internet packages for First Mobile and Irancell subscribers

As we said last week in Digito, the two mobile operators are Aval and Irancell Changes in the way Internet packages are delivered They had. One of these changes is the removal of long-term packages. Currently, only Rytl and Shuttle Mobile subscribers can purchase 6-month and 1-year packages.

Shuttle Mobile offers six-month packages of 15 to 60 GB, the lowest of which costs 50,000 Tomans and comes with unlimited calls within the network, while the most expensive 6-month package costs 160,000 Tomans.

This operator also sells a one-year package with a volume of 30 GB and a price of 96,000 Tomans.

Long term internet package

But Rytl offers its two packages of 35 and 55 GB for 6 months at 89,900 and 130,000 Tomans, respectively. Also, two 50 and 100 GB one-year packages are available for the subscribers of this operator, the activation of which costs 125 thousand and 220 thousand Tomans, respectively.

It should be noted that packages with restrictions on use (hourly, morning or evening), packages with purely domestic traffic and special packages for special subscribers (such as special packages for new subscribers or personal offers) are not reflected in this table. The reference of this report is also the official websites of 4 first mobile operators, Irancell, Rytl and Shuttle.

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