Introducing Astracraft game; Hand-to-hand combat with robots

Introducing Astracraft game;  Hand-to-hand combat with robots

If you enjoy robot battles, have a good relationship with putting pieces together, and can use your creativity to solve problems, Astracraft, one of NetEase’s newest games, can probably be a fun experience for you. So stay tuned for this article to learn more about Astracraft.

The story of the game takes place in the darkest parts of the galaxy; Where conspiracy and evil go hand in hand, and whispers of an impending war are heard, in which the Death Squad confronts the White Knights to try their hand at groups of five.

But you are not going to step directly on the battlefield, you are going to build armed robots and drop them on the enemies. The gameplay has different modes. In Create Mode, your hands are free to customize warships and spaceships using existing components, and even create your own worlds and maps.

  Game Astracraft

The second mode is Battle Mode, in which you can use your structures to fight in different situations and with different enemies. Battlefield is not legal in Astracraft, so if you do not do well enough in the first case, it is unlikely that you will survive in the fights.

In addition, there are Storm Mode and King of the Hill modes in the game that have a goal-oriented design, that is, they announce a specific task or goal to you, and you must focus all your attention to achieve these goals. Race mode for racing vehicles and Party mode is also a place to have fun and does not have a serious atmosphere.

Game Astracraft

Astracraft game has good build quality, but due to the nature of the gameplay, it needs a proper community to succeed; something similar to the community that the famous Battle Royale games currently have, because you have to show what you have created and allow Let the result of your creativity burn your enemies in the fire.

In general, this game is worth trying due to its smooth gameplay, eye-catching visual design and good quality, and it can be an interesting experience, but if you are going to sit for hours and spend time for it, بازی the game should have a large community Be engaged in building, fighting and adventure. If you are one of those people who enjoy these types of games, it is better to give Astracraft a chance.

  • Astracraft
  • Price: Free
  • Manufacturer: NetEase Games
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 398/98 MB

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