Introducing Bluebank’s “automatic transfer” service: don’t worry about your periodic transfers anymore

معرفی سرویس «انتقال خودکار» بلوبانک

Remembering the due date of debts and installments is one of the challenges we always face. Especially in a world where the influx of useful and useless data has made forgetfulness and distraction a normal and natural habit. At least today’s lifestyle and preoccupations have caused forgetfulness in this field at least several times and made remembering the dates of these deposits a difficult task. If this issue has not bothered us so far, it will definitely cause problems in the future such as late fines. Until now, there have been methods such as entrusting to other family members or setting a calendar and programs like that to prevent forgetting, each of which had its own limitations, but in the following we will introduce a method that is like a constant assistant by your side and daily transfers. It does your weekly and monthly in an accurate and regular way.

Money transfer with specific schedule and schedule

In the past months, Bluebank added a service to its application that automatically performs transfer transactions, and the users of this new bank can entrust the payment of all kinds of debts, including loan installments, house rent, etc., to their banking application. This service is called “Auto Transfer” and has been available since version 2.2. To activate this service, just visit the “transfer” page of the Bluebank application; After entering the card number and transfer amount, you will see two options “Transfer” and “Automatic transfer”, which you can take advantage of by changing the status to automatic transfer. Then you determine the number of times and transfer dates, so that your transfers are done automatically at the designated time without the need to do anything special. To select the frequency, you have options such as once, daily, weekly and monthly, and you can check and track the status of your funds transfer every time you enter this list.

This service supports paya, bridge and blue to blue transfer methods and suggests the most optimal and suitable method depending on the transfer amount. In addition, if your transaction encounters a problem for any reason, it will not repeat it again and perform subsequent transactions according to the schedule and set. For example, if you define a one-year plan for this feature to deposit one million Tomans to a specific account on the first day of every month, and in the first month it encounters issues such as insufficient balance or a possible system outage, that payment will not be made, but subsequent transfers will be made. It is done according to the plan. Also, you will be informed about this problem and the reason for its creation via SMS, and in addition, a reminder SMS will also be sent to you one day before each transfer.

With the automatic transfer feature, Bluebank allows you to create multiple lists if you have several installments, loans, etc., and enter a specific date, number, and amount for each one; The automatic transfer feature has no limit on the number of recorded transfers. So you can set up multiple transfers for different accounts and cards. With this feature, forgetfulness and delays in transfers will disappear forever, and periodic payments and transfers will become the easiest and most convenient of your daily tasks.

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