Introducing Catalyst Black; The most attractive mobile group shooter right now

معرفی بازی Catalyst Black؛ جذاب‌ترین شوتر گروهی حال حاضر موبایل

Play Catalyst Black It’s a new mobile title that has become very popular and you may have come across it on social media or services like YouTube, as ads. An action strategy game that can become a new favorite experience for fans of online and multiplayer games.

About Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black is a brand new mobile multiplayer game by Super Evil Megacorp published. The developer also recently released Vainglory, which has also become very popular.

In Catalyst Black game of style elements Shooter And Strategic Used. So if you are a fan of mobile games or even mobile titles (MOBA), The Catalyst Black experience is offered to you.

Catalyst Black gameplay and controls

Catalyst Black

In this online game, you enter various competitions with dozens of other players, some of whom are your teammates and some of whom are your enemies. During the game, with the help of your teammates, in addition to destroying the enemies, you must also perform a series of other specified goals in order to be introduced as the winning team of the match.

In general, the game is very focused on group gameplay, so you have to be very coordinated with your team members. From the very beginning, you will realize that if you plan to play the game individually, you will face many problems.

Despite its relatively simple style, the Catalyst Black offers excellent touch controls. Using the touch panel on the left, you can move your player, and with the buttons on the right, use various capabilities such as weapons or masks. All in all, the controls and game buttons are very fast and simple, and perform the function you need in the fastest possible time.

Catalyst Black game graphics

Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black has a stunning graphic environment where colors are used well and good detail is displayed. Almost from your first experience, you will realize that the game is fantastic in terms of design and graphics, and exploring its environment and map, in general, provides a very good experience for players.

In addition, the overall performance of the game is also very impressive. The animations are very fluid and well designed. The game controls are also relatively simple, and although in some cases they may not be responsive enough, they provide a completely satisfying experience overall.

Catalyst Black game features

Catalyst Black game includes a wide range of different and adjustable weapons, equipment and abilities, with which you can destroy your enemies with different strategies and styles. Nevertheless, the gaming experience will always remain fresh and engaging.

In addition, one of the key and important features of the game is a kind of ability called masks. With these special abilities, you can turn your character into a destructive monster for a limited time, which also has a lot of power over the main character.

Finally, the developers have tried to adapt their game to many different devices, including low-end and high-end phones. Also, despite being online and widespread, the game has a smaller and more acceptable volume compared to other titles and takes up less space of users’ internal memory.

Download the game Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black has been released for both Android and iOS operating systems, and you can download it from Google Play, the App Store or Miket’s built-in app store.

On Google Play, more than 500,000 people have downloaded it so far, which according to 16,000 people, has a score of 4.0. In the App Store, more than 250 people have registered their comments about the game, which eventually resulted in a score of 4.5. In Miket’s internal store, 4.4 points have been scored for the game so far.

Catalyst Black
  • Catalyst Black
  • Price: Free with in-app payment
  • Manufacturer: Super Evil Megacorp
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 1100/740 MB

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