Introducing Charkhooneh application; Unlimited access to movies, series, songs and books

معرفی اپلیکیشن چارخونه؛ دسترسی نامحدود به فیلم، سریال، آهنگ و کتاب

With the increase in content consumption by smartphone owners in recent years, services like Google Play are no longer limited to apps and games, but offer a variety of services. Realizing this issue and aiming to provide services suitable for domestic users, Irancell has launched the entertainment market and digital content “Charkhooneh”, which not only provides easy access to a variety of applications and games; It also offers a colorful world of books, movies, TV series and audiobooks.

Charkhoneh Plus; Unlimited access with one subscription

To get the Charkhooneh Android app, it is enough to official website See Charkhoneh. After installing and entering the application, in the section Charkhoneh Plus Access to a variety of content including movies, series and audiobooks is provided by paying a daily and monthly subscription fee. Charkhooneh Plus is a good alternative for foreign platforms, which due to limitations, it is not possible to use some of their services in our country.

Users can now purchase Charkhoneh Plus monthly and daily subscriptions at a 50% and 20% discount, respectively. In addition to the online banking portal, the ability to pay through Irancell digital credit is also provided for buyers.

Applications and games

in part Applications and games In Charkhooneh, the latest game titles of the day are next to the most used and popular programs. All apps are checked with a valid antivirus before release; So users can download their favorite programs and games without worrying about security issues.

Uploading content to the framework is free of charge for developers; For this reason, it will be possible to make money more easily by offering products on the Charkhooneh platform for programmers and content producers.

On the dedicated page of each application, you can access more details and technical information along with the experiences of other users. If the new update of a particular program or game does not run properly on your device, you can reach the previous releases of the desired title by touching the three dots icon in the upper left corner and selecting the option of other versions; A feature that is strongly lacking on other app download platforms. Adding apps to your to-do list, sharing with friends, and scheduling downloads are other features that will be useful on this page.

Movies and music

By referring to the section Movies and music You will be introduced to a world of new movies and music of the day.

To see World movies and series There is no need to pay any amount with Irancell Internet and you can subscribe to Irancell without registering and using the Internet. Watch for free They were busy. Of course, Irancell subscribers, along with other operators, can watch movies and serials with half-volume traffic by subscribing to Charkhooneh Plus.

Movies and serials with Persian dubbing or subtitles are provided to users and it is possible to choose different qualities, including 1080p. Additional information such as actors and directors can be seen on the dedicated page of each title. You can watch or download movies and serials online both in Charkhooneh application and on Charkhooneh website. If you are an iPhone user, you can also watch movies and TV series in your phone’s Safari browser.

The complete archive of music tracks and audio podcasts is another strength of the Charkhoneh platform, which is very neatly divided into different categories. This part is not only suitable for entertainment; It also contains audio files for teaching different languages, including English and German.

Eventually all downloaded titles will be saved in My Movies and My Albums for future access.

Audio and digital books

The local charkhoneh app is ideal for those interested in culture and art; Because in addition to movies and series, download Digital books and audio books Has provided a lot for free or at a reasonable cost. Fiction and novels, psychology, lifestyle, poetry and literature, humanities, children and adolescents, retrieval and sales, and business are just some of the themes in the Charkhooneh Library. When searching, users can easily and quickly find the content they want using the filters placed in the box.

Other capabilitiesی چارخونه

Ravito is the latest tab in Charkhooneh app that welcomes dynamics, short shows and entertaining videos. The latest sports videos along with the latest works from popular channels such as Durin Durin and Surland are available on Ravito and can keep users entertained for hours. Users themselves can upload content in this section by completing their profile information.

By entering the episode Settings Charkhooneh application, you will encounter several issues, most of which are related to the ability to update the program. Differential updates (using less volume), scheduling update downloads, backing up apps, and selecting the type of player (built-in player or phone) are some of the options that can give the user more control. Memory management feature can also be an effective tool to increase the amount of free space on the device.

House-to-house is a kind of internal social network of Charkhooneh platform that can connect friends and relatives and keep them informed about each other’s latest activities. To find your friends, you can easily select your favorite contacts from the device phonebook or search for their account name. After registering in Charkhooneh, you will be able to receive 30 gift coins by completing your profile information. My profile page also allows you to change access levels, and you can customize your privacy by changing settings related to viewing comments, friends, purchases, and requests.

Charkhoneh Plus service discount and self-service titles discount have made it possible to access the archives of movies, series, digital books and audiobooks at a very low cost. Also, internal prizes for users, along with free internet for Irancell subscribers and half-price internet for other operators, are the things that distinguish Charkhoneh from other examples. By offering multiple mediums in a variety of formats, Charkhoneh can gain a better understanding of their users’ tastes and automatically suggest their favorite titles in the future. It also helps developers bring a personalized experience to their audience.

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