Introducing details of the new Rainbow Six Siege season pass

Introducing details of the new Rainbow Six Siege season pass

On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft is releasing a new season pass called Year 8.

This year, users of the multiplayer game Rainbow Six Siege will receive a new season pass. This postseason is called Year 8 in celebration of the eighth anniversary of this popular game. Ubisoft has announced that in this season pass, there are four operators and a new map. The Year 8 Season Pass also offers players the remastering of the Frost and the Consulate map and more.

Features of the new Rainbow Six Siege season pass; The unveiling of the Brava operator

Ubisoft Montreal has promised to combat malicious behavior and provide new features to players to access Rainbow Six Siege servers. As mentioned earlier, in the Season Pass Year 8, players will encounter four new operators. The first operator, named Brava, is aggressive and carries weapons such as the PARA-308 and Super Shorty. Brava’s skill is to control a tool (Kludge Drone) that has the ability to sabotage the enemy team’s devices. If the device cannot be controlled, it will instead be destroyed.

Rainbow Six Siege season pass

In the Season Pass Year 8 of Rainbow Six Siege game, two new modes called Operator Specialties and Specialty Challenges are available to players. The Operator Specialties mode defines the operator’s play style in the Siege environment. All operators have one or two specialties that can be checked in the planning stage, in the operators section or in the guide section. Specialty Challenges mode is suitable for beginner players of this version who want to learn the skills of operators. The player in this mode has to go through challenges that after completing the challenges, they can access a new operator. This racing mode is not only for beginners and all Rainbow Six users can participate in it.

Players will get some new skins for their weapons in the Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season Pass. Players will also receive a slew of balance fixes and tweaks this season. You can find full details of the features of this season pass here link study

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. S) and personal computer (PC) can be downloaded. Operation Commanding Force game in history March 7 begins.

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