Introducing Indies’ Lies; The best Rug Like game for beginners

معرفی بازی Indies' Lies‏؛ بهترین بازی روگ لایک برای تازه‌کارها

Although there is a lot of hope for independent games this year, the name of these games is not among the popular titles. But it seems that Indies’ Lies has come to break this equation and make the name of an independent game one of the best games of this year.

The creators of Playbest Games began their careers with Indies’ Lies, a card and rogue game that, according to its creators, was inspired by Slay the Spire. So if you like Slay the Spire, you will probably enjoy this game as well.

The story of Indies’ Lies is completely fantasy and players should expect a story full of magic and magical creatures that are spiced with a little blood and gore. There are many different characters in the game, each of which brings unique abilities to the battlefield.

The narrative content of the game is in the form of story mode for each character, but you must first play in other modes and earn enough points. Over time, more characters will become available to players and you will have more content to experience.

The gameplay of Indies’ Lies is a card game and is made in the style of turn-based strategy. Each section contains a map of the various stages that can take the character to the boss fight in several ways. You have to decide according to the sequence and contents of the steps what steps you want to go through to finally reach the boss fight.

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Each stage confronts you with different fantasy creatures that have only one goal and that is to kill you, so you have to defend yourself as much as possible by choosing the right characters and cards and defeat the enemy. At the end of each stage you can choose to receive your prizes in the form of cards or gold coins.

You can use coins to buy items in the store, but on the other hand, receiving a prize in the form of a card gives you the chance to receive cards that may never be available in the store; So it is better to decide according to the steps ahead and the resources you have.

1633189244 478 Introducing Indies Lies The best Rug Like game for beginners Introducing Indies' Lies; The best Rug Like game for beginners 4

The interesting thing about Indies’ Lies is that its difficulty increases step by step over time, so even if you have not experienced games of this genre before, you can adapt to the game process and gradually Become a professional player who uses clever strategies.

The animations and characters have an eye-catching and attractive design that makes the game space not two-dimensional. On the other hand, the game shows exciting and satisfying gameplay that is worth trying.

Indies' Lies
  • Indies’ Lies
  • Price: Free with in-app payment
  • Manufacturer: Playbest Games Limited
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 980.8 / 845 MB

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