Introducing Manor Matters game; The story of discovering clues

معرفی بازی Manor Matters‏؛ داستان کشف سرنخ‌ها

The Playrix game studio, which has previously tried its luck with puzzle games like Fishdom, has now moved to a new genre after much success. Manor Matters is a successful example of a game that requires players to find hidden objects.

In Manor Matters, you play the role of a helper and you have to help a person named Carl to understand the mysterious events around him. He has recently lost his grandparents and inherited a large and mysterious mansion from them, which has been left to him for a long time and now he wants to discover the mystery of this adventurous mansion.

The first step you have to take is to rebuild this dilapidated mansion, but rebuilding an old, large mansion will cost you dearly. You have to find a series of objects to finance the renovation and purchase of new equipment, because by finding these objects, you will receive stars that will be useful in the purchase of new equipment and renovation.

The discovery of these objects, each of which belongs to a different place in the world, and some of which are very old and so-called antique, raises a series of new questions and puzzles that need to be solved. It is true that the reconstruction of the mansion makes up the bulk of the gameplay, but without solving the puzzles, the story of the game will not move forward.

1622300342 24 Introducing Manor Matters game The story of discovering clues Introducing Manor Matters game; The story of discovering clues 2In addition to using stars, it is also possible to purchase in-app content that has been criticized. The main character’s activities require energy, and the energy limit is set so that if you want to spend a lot of time in the game, you will be drawn to in-app purchases.

The game is offline and does not require an internet connection to run, but if you want to get more prizes you will need the internet because you can usually get extra prizes if you watch a short video online to the end.

1622300343 100 Introducing Manor Matters game The story of discovering clues Introducing Manor Matters game; The story of discovering clues 4

Considering that the graphic design of Manor Matters game is of good quality, the gameplay is smooth and attractive animations are included in the game. It can be said that we are on the side of a good game that has an acceptable level, but unfortunately the game does not support Persian. If your English is not average to high, you will need help solving some puzzles.

If you are a fan of this style of games and have a little patience, you can definitely have a fun experience in this game. But if you are looking for a different game, the truth is that Manor Matters has not been new. And he was only able to produce a successful and quality game in his own style.

Manor Matters
  • Manor Matters
  • Price: Free with in-app payment
  • Manufacturer: Playrix
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 247/141 MB

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