Introducing more details of Tekken 8 gameplay + trailer

Introducing more details of Tekken 8 gameplay + trailer

During the Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals special conference, Namco introduced the new gameplay features of Tekken 8 by releasing a trailer.

Finally, Namco during the conference Tekken World Tour Finals, published new information about the gameplay mechanics of Tekken 8. It was also officially announced that the character of “Nina Williams” will return to this series. Katshiro Harada and Kohi Ikida explained about the gameplay mechanisms of this game by releasing a 35-minute trailer.

In Tekken 8, players will again encounter the mechanics of The Rage System and Rage Arts. The use of the Rage Arts mechanism in Tekken 8 becomes a common thing, while in previous versions players had to press different buttons for each character to perform Rage Arts. The Recoverable Gauge feature returns to Tekken. Of course, this time players can regain their strength by hitting the enemy.

The core mechanics of Tekken 8 revolve around the Heat System, which takes the game’s new offensive philosophy to another level. The player can enter a Heat mode where the character can heal for a short period of time. He then finds it possible to deal more damage to the opponent by pressing a button or by hitting the opponent with the Heat Engager move.

The Heat System mechanism allows players to access special actions and damage the chip. At the same time, this mechanism also allows characters to improve. The Heat System allows the player to be more aggressive while doing combos and deal more damage while doing more attacks. Advancements depend on the character’s expertise; So getting involved in Heat mode depends on how the player plays.

Tekken 8 gameplay;  Nina Williams returns to the series

Tekken 8 gameplay; Nina Williams returns to the series

One of Namco’s big surprises at this conference was the announcement of the return of Nina Williams’ character to Tekken 8. The character Nina returns to Tekken 8 with a collection of handguns as part of her moveset. He can use more combos with his sidearms. He also has various Heat System modes that can be combined as enders in his combos. Hence, “Nina” easily enters the Heat System mode.

Tekken 8 will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC at an unspecified date in 2023. Namco has not yet announced a specific date for pre-orders for this title. You can watch the new Tekken 8 gameplay video below:

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