Introducing the Alienware Aurora gaming system with a new design on the occasion of 25 years of activity

معرفی سیستم گیمینگ Alienware Aurora با طراحی تازه به مناسبت ۲۵ سال فعالیت

Dell subsidiary Alienware started 25 years ago in a garage and is now celebrating its anniversary with a redesigned gaming system. The new Alienware Aurora has a new design, more interior space, more efficient airflow, and less noise.

According to Allen Weir, the interior of this new chassis, called Legend 2.0, is about 50% larger than previous devices such as the Aurora R12 or R10, without making major changes to the overall size of the device. Increased. You do not need any tools to open the outer frame of the device and access to its internal components will be very easy.

The new computer also has a transparent side panel, so you can easily see the internal components of the system, such as the motherboard, which is lit up to eight points by AlienFX light.

As part of its new design, Allen Weir has improved its indoor airflow. Each system now has two 120mm fans, an air inlet and an air outlet. Also, depending on the configuration, the new Allen Weir device may have one or two other fans. There are also liquid cooling options.

In addition to keeping the system cool when running games at maximum settings, Allen Weir states that the new system now runs quieter. Compared to previous-generation systems, the Legend 2.0 is said to be up to 16 percent quieter when users are not using it, and reduced noise by up to 9 percent when doing heavy work. Also, when overclocking, the system noise is reduced by up to 15%.

Allen Weir also states that the new system performs about five percent better in graphics compared to the Aurora R12. Eventually, the gaming system will be available in two colors, black and white, and Ellen Weir will release more details on its specs, pricing and availability in the coming weeks.

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