Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card

معرفی کارت حافظه میکرو اس‌دی اپیسر V30 A2

What do you pay attention to when you want to buy a memory card? Are you familiar with the inscriptions and symbols on different types of memory cards and do you know the differences between them? In this article, we want to introduce one of the newest products of Apiser Company, which is among the best options for storing digital content, especially video recording, while it also has a unique function as a mobile phone and tablet external memory. This memory card is called Apacer microSDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A2.

Founded in 1997, Taiwanese company Apiser is one of the largest manufacturers of content storage equipment in the world and has an active presence in the Iranian market. The company’s various products, including RAM, external hard drive, internal and external storage, flash memory and memory card, have been marketed with a valid warranty for many years, and now have an integrated warranty. Matin Company Have. The product we have chosen to introduce today is the latest Apacer microSD memory card, which is specially made for high quality digital video recording, but it also has other interesting features. You can see the specifications of this product below:

  • Capacity: 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB
  • Maximum data read speed: 100 MB per second
  • Maximum data writing speed: 80 MB / s
  • General Speed ​​Class: UHS 3
  • Video speed class: V30
  • Application performance class: A2

Apacer Memory Card It is considered as microSDXC type. The SDXC standard was introduced in 2009 to cover high-capacity memory cards. The capacity of SDXC standard memory cards is more than 32 GB and can be increased up to 2 terabytes. Of course, no company has yet produced a memory card larger than one terabyte, but the next generation standard memory card, SDUC, was introduced two years ago and covers products with a capacity of more than 2 terabytes up to a maximum of 128 terabytes.

1638697208 368 Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card 2

On the Apacer memory card we see the letter I, which indicates its compatibility with the UHS-I interface. This standard covers memory cards with data transfer rates of about 100 Mbps. So when you buy a memory card, you can be sure of its high speed by looking at the letter I. Of course, UHS-II and UHS-III standards have also been introduced, which cover speeds of 300 and 600 Mbps, respectively, and have different applications.

The U3 mark on the Apacer memory card indicates the high data transfer speed of this product. The U3 standard is the fastest transmission standard in this category. In total, two speed classes are defined for UHS memory cards: U1 guarantees a minimum speed of 10 Mbps and U3 a minimum speed of 30 Mbps when reading data.

Dedicated feature for video recording

1638697208 543 Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card 4

The Apacer memory card has great video recording and external memory performance on smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets. The first feature is compatibility with the V30 video standard, which is critical for capturing the highest quality 4K videos. According to this standard, you can be sure that the memory card has the ability to write data continuously at a speed of at least 30 MB per second. Of course, this memory card is much faster than the V30 speed class, but the minimum guarantee ensures that you use this product in the best camcorders, UAVs, sports cameras and in-car cameras.

Dedicated feature for running games and applications

1638697209 984 Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card 6

The most important feature of the Acer memory card, which makes it the best option for use in smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, is compatibility with the recently introduced A2 standard, which determines the efficiency of the memory card in the field of applications. As you know, running programs requires random reading of information, which is quite different from sequential reading. The faster the memory in this section, the faster the apps will run.

On the other hand, you know that the volume of mobile games is increasing day by day. For example, at the moment, the Call of Duty mobile game is about 13 GB in size, or you need about 15 GB of space to install the Impact screen. Installing a large number of games on the phone’s internal memory will fill it up and significantly reduce its speed. So the logical solution is to move heavy games and applications to external memory.

The Acer memory card with Class A support, which is the highest category in this category, guarantees a speed of 4000IOPS for random data reading and 2000IOPS for random data writing. So by placing this product inside your phone or tablet, you can play the heaviest games at high speed from the memory card.


1638697209 85 Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card Introducing the Apacer V30 A2 microSD memory card 8

By explaining all these features, you have probably realized the many capabilities of the Acer MicroSDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A2 memory card. Let’s take a look at these features: High memory capacity (up to 512 GB) does not impose any restrictions on video recording. So you can put this product inside security cameras, camcorders, digital cameras and other professional equipment and record hours of video. The unparalleled performance of this memory card in the field of random reading and writing of data, makes it an ideal option for use on a mobile phone or tablet. The combination of UHS-I, U3 and V30 standards also ensures high speed data transfer and 4K or 360-degree video recording.

In addition to these specifications, the new Acer memory card also excels in various resistance tests and is resistant to water, shock, magnetic field and X-rays, and maintains its performance in very cold or very hot weather conditions. So if you are looking for a secure and professional memory card for your gadgets, we recommend the Apacer V30 A2. You can buy all kinds of Apacer memory cards with a solid warranty, which offers its services in 15 provinces in an integrated way.

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