Introducing the Chinese Zhihui IDM929 graphics card to compete with the GTX 1650

Introducing the Chinese Zhihui IDM929 graphics card to compete with the GTX 1650

The Chinese company Zhihui Microelectronics recently developed graphics processors in this country Its first GPU named Zhihui IDM929 It has introduced GTX 1650 to compete with Nvidia. By introducing this graphics card, the manufacturer targets the GTX 1650 graphics processor in terms of performance, and while claiming the same performance as the GTX 1650, it also promises better energy consumption.

The Zhihui IDM929 graphics card is based on the company’s proprietary IDMV architecture, and the company has not disclosed the features of its GPU design and architecture. All that is known is that the GPU will come with a pixel fill rate of 19.2 fps and a texture fill rate of close to 76.8 fps.

The Chinese company also revealed that its card will come with 2.5 teraflops of computing performance, which is almost the same as the GTX 1650. The new Chinese graphics processor is also supposed to support video decoding in H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC-1, DivX, and VP6 formats, and in the output port, this card supports HDMI, DVI, and D-Sub interfaces. VGA will be available.

The new graphics card is going to be produced with 14nm manufacturing technology by another Chinese company, SMIC. Its clock frequency is also stated to be 1.2 GHz, which is almost low for a chipset built on 14 nm nodes. However, it is possible that the 1.2 GHz chip will have low power consumption.

Zhihui IDM929 graphics card

In terms of performance and with published information, it can be said that the Zhihui IDM929 graphics card does not join the group of the best graphics processors, and since this chip is the first GPU of the Zhihui company, the possibility of this graphics chip effectively competing with the latest graphics processors from Nvidia and AMD is very low. .

However, it can probably be said that the performance of this GPU will be suitable for non-gaming office and home systems. Zhihui Microelectronics is new to the GPU business, but the main investor behind it is Hangzhou Guoxin Technolog, and it has a fairly well-known history of developing embedded systems and SoCs for TVs and other uses.

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