Introducing the details of the 16th season of Apex Legends

Introducing the details of the 16th season of Apex Legends

At the beginning of Valentine’s Day, Respawn Entertainment released the 16th season of Apex Legends called Revelry for its fans.

Apex Legends online game users can now download the 16th season of this game called Revelry. This studio had previously announced that there will be no news of the introduction of a new “hero” (legend) in the 16th season. The Revelry season is going to completely transform the game’s classification system and add a new weapon and Team Deathmatch mode to this game.

Some features of the 16th season of Apex Legends

In the 16th season of Apex Legends, changes have been made to the game’s classification system (including Assault, Skirmisher, Controller, Recon and Support). For example, the Seer character’s indirect voice becomes clearer to enemies, or the Pathfinder character’s shooting accuracy is improved both audibly and visually. In addition, the main ability (care package) of the Lifeline character will increase its deployment range with the addition of this chapter. You can see the full list of Apex Legends Season 16 ranking system changes by clicking here link view

The sixteenth season of Apex Legends game

Apex Legends’ Revelry season also introduces an Anniversary Collection Event, which includes a variety of costumes for Legends members. Also in this event, it will offer users a free Mini Battle Pass of customization items.

Apex Legends online game is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. X/S), Nintendo Switch and PC. Studio Respawn announced the servers of the mobile version of this game in the date May 1 (May 11, 1402) They are turned off forever. You can watch the Apex Legends Revelry Season gameplay video below.

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