Introducing the game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie; Killing bloodthirsty zombies

معرفی بازی Zombie Virus : K-Zombie؛ کشتار زامبی‌های تشنه به خون

Zombies are scary imaginary creatures that have been in popular culture since ancient times. In addition to the many movies and series that have been made about these creatures, many video games have portrayed the outbreak of this bizarre virus that turns humans into zombies. Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is a new game released for mobile platforms that puts players in front of a bunch of zombies.

In this article from Digiato, we will introduce the game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie, which has only been released for a few days and was made by the Korean company .Clegames Inc; The company that has Random Defense: All star TD in its portfolio.

Introducing the game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

Like many other zombie games in Zombie Virus: K-Zombie, we see an apocalyptic world, a group of humans who are apparently the last human survivors, and an army of strange creatures that, although dead, move and follow you. As the main player, you have to fight the bloodthirsty zombies of this world and try to survive.

The game includes two main scenarios (story) and PvP. In story mode, you will be accompanied by four characters, each of whom has their own unique abilities and characteristics, and with their help, you have to fight the zombies around you.

In-game zombies are variously designed. The first examples you will encounter are very calm creatures, which of course will not be difficult to destroy, and you can even head-shoot them with precise aiming. However, over time, zombies become more widespread and advanced. For example, some of them are much faster and will come to you very quickly. Or some of them, which are completely different, can cause infection, and of course, it will take longer to kill them.

Each section consists of 10 different stages in which you must earn points by completing the specified missions. However, at the end of each section, you have to fight one of the game’s bosses, who have much more power than ordinary zombies, and of course, it is not easy to destroy them, because they are almost as resistant as you.

To destroy the zombies, you naturally need weapons, and in the game, a wide variety of them are available to you, which will open over time. A variety of game weapons can also be upgraded and improved, and by completing the steps you can strengthen your weapons.

In addition to weapons, you will have other abilities such as grenades, but unlike weapons, these items are limited and you can use them only a few times in each stage. During the game, you can also buy these items, which in addition to khash, include a health booster kit and limited strength boost medication.

Before the start of each stage, you will be assigned missions that you can complete with full points. The missions of each stage are also relatively simple and, of course, become more and more difficult over time.

In PvP mode you will be in a fixed location with another opponent but your goal will not be to kill each other. In fact, in this closed environment, the zombie army will constantly attack you and any player who can survive will win. This is the only online game mode that offers an engaging experience but may not have much to say to competitors.

Game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

Graphically and physically, Zombie Virus: K-Zombie has an acceptable performance, and since each stage is not long and probably lasts up to 5 minutes, there is enough detail in them. The design of the zombies could have been a little better, though, and some of them seem to have been inspired by games like Left 4 Dead.

The menus and their design may seem a bit complicated to novice players at first, but unlike many online games they are much simpler to design and you will learn them easily.

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie gameplay

Game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

The game has a relatively psychological gameplay. Unlike many shooter or shooting games that have a lot of touch buttons, Zombie Virus: K-Zombie does not have many on-screen buttons and is only designed for basic tasks such as shooting or loading ammunition. You can also use the left side of the screen to change the angle of view and your camera.

Perhaps the most important thing that simplifies the gameplay is the lack of need to move the player. In fact, during each stage, you are presented with an angle at which you have to destroy a bunch of zombies, and by destroying all of them, your character will automatically go to another area, and then you have to destroy the zombies again. . In fact, all character movements are performed automatically, and you are only responsible for changing vision and shooting.

The gameplay is not much of a problem, but in some cases the game controls may not work. In our experience of the game, we encountered the problem of the controls not working.

Download the game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

Game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie has just been released. In fact, 10 days have passed since its release and so far it has only been released for the Android operating system and also does not yet exist on Iranian platforms.

However, Google Play has performed relatively well in terms of statistics. In this short time, the game has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and more than 1,500 comments have been recorded for it, most of which have been positive. Finally, Google Play’s score is now 4.1.

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie
  • Zombie Virus: K-Zombie
  • Price: Free with in-app payment
  • Manufacturer: .Clegames Inc
  • operating system: Android
  • Volume: 194 MB

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