Introducing the horror game Stray Souls + trailer

Introducing the horror game Stray Souls + trailer

“Jukai Studio” introduced the new and scary game “Stray Souls” by releasing a trailer.

Stray Souls is a psychological horror game developed by Jukai Studio and directed by Artur Laczkowski. Stray Souls is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, publisher Versus Evil announced. Most likely, the release time of Stray Souls game will be postponed to the end of this year, and this game is being developed with the graphics engine “Unreal Engine 5”.

Introduction of Stray Souls game

The story of Stray Souls is about a teenage boy named “Daniel” who has just lost his grandmother. She lives alone in her grandmother’s house, but her dream house turns into a horrible nightmare and hell finds a way to enter the house. Jukai Studio has decided to use Epic’s graphics engine to realistically display the characters and enemies of the game.

Jukai Studio sees Stray Souls as a combination of elements of Japanese horror games with modern tricks of the horror genre. Players will encounter a variety of random systems in the game, including sudden encounters with enemies, item drops, paranormal activity, and even changing weather patterns. Therefore, Stray Souls is not completely similar to today’s horror genre games. PC owners can play now Stray Souls Add to your list of expected titles on the “Steam” platform. You can watch the Stray Souls game introduction trailer at the bottom of the page:

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