Introducing the Ovicut program; Powerful mobile editor for social media videos

معرفی برنامه Ovicut؛ ویرایشگر قدرتمند موبایل برای ویدیوهای شبکه‌های اجتماعی

The popularity of video-centric social networks in recent years has led to the growing popularity of video editing applications in smartphones. However, desktop software is still the best option for professional results; But mobile titles can also deliver acceptable results. The Ovicut program is one of those that can be useful for everyday applications.

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Program Ovicut

The Ovicut video editing app was released about three years ago, and now owners of Android and iOS-based devices can download and install it for free. This program is a good option for making short clips for social networks such as Tic Tac or Instagram; But it also has the potential to make semi-professional videos for YouTube.

Introducing the features of the application Ovicut

After installing and first logging in to Ovicut, you must agree to its terms and some permissions (including reading and writing information to the device memory). In the following, you will encounter a relatively simple environment that is considered project-oriented. By touching the Create option in the middle of the page, you can select your first video and start the editing process.

By clicking the Create option, you can select your favorite videos or photos to add to the project. There is also a tab on the page called Online where the animated images are ready. These are mostly used for the beginning of the videos or their background; But they are not very high quality and with a little internet search you can find better files.

After selecting the desired files, just click on the Import option to enter the editor environment. Note that in the free version, it is not possible to prepare an output file longer than 5 minutes, and this feature is only available to users of the premium version.

You will have access to a variety of features in the Ovicut editor. By default, half of the page is dedicated to the current preview, and if needed, you can select the full-screen video by selecting the icon in the left corner of the window. At the bottom is a timeline with independent tracks for video and audio. This timeline supports the zoom feature, and by zooming in on it, you will be able to view video frames one by one.

If you want to change the music video, just touch the audio track. The first option displayed on the left, called Extract Music, is for extracting music from other videos and placing it on the current clip. The other two options are Local Music and Music Library, respectively, for accessing files stored on the device memory or online items. Ovicut’s online music library can provide a variety of files in various genres such as hip hop and rock, which do not include copyright law.

After completing the download process for each track, click Add to add it to the timeline. You will now see more options such as adding a marker, adjusting the volume, cropping the soundtrack, and adding a fade effect to the beginning or end. To move each crack, you have to hold your finger on it until a yellow box appears around it, and then you can drag it to the desired position. Click the “+” icon on the left side of the screen to add more video tracks.

You can turn any video track into a selected mode by touching it. In this case, options such as increasing the playback speed, adjusting or deleting the clip, combining with other files, masking, reversing the playback, etc. are available. There is also a dedicated option to use the green screen related features called Chroma Key in this application.

In the main menu of the editor, there is the first option called Rough Cut, which allows you to more easily cut video into shorter clips. Other important things in this section include the ability to add text, which has several features such as text style, color, shadow, background, layout, letter spacing and transparency. Support for various animations, frames and fonts is another important feature that can help make videos more beautiful. If you want to use custom fonts, after selecting the Fonts option, you can go to the Customize tab and save the ttf or otf file of the desired font at the specified address in the device memory.

The stickers panel is also intended for accessing animated gif images and adding them to the timeline. Ovicut uses the GIPHY search engine to display GIF files; As a result, you must first enable your IP change tool to upload images.

One of the most important parts of the editor is the VFX menu, where you can achieve various transitions and visual effects. This section has a very good variety and can be used to move between different clips of a video. By touching each option and holding your finger on it, you can apply the desired effect for the desired time in the timeline.

The Filters panel includes a variety of color filters that can change the mood of your videos. It is also possible to adjust the intensity of each filter. If you want to manually apply color and lighting settings, you can access various options such as brightness, color saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc. from the Adjust menu.

The Record and Background options are also used to add audio directly to video and change the background color, respectively. Before preparing the output file, you can select the dimensions of your desired image by referring to the Canvas section at the bottom of the editor toolbar. For example, a 16: 9 ratio is used for YouTube, a 4: 5 ratio for Instagram posts, and a 9: 16 ratio for Instagram ticks or stories.

Once the edits are complete, click the Export option in the top corner of the page to create an output file of the project. A minimum resolution of 480p and a maximum of 4K are among the options available to the user. It is also possible to select the output file frame rate with a maximum value of 60 frames per second. The higher the resolution and frame rate selected, the longer it will take to save the video.


Ovicut is a versatile mobile video editor that can be used to create Tic Tac or Instagram videos. Of course, it is clear that the output files are mostly used for entertainment pages, and if you are looking for professional options for your business, it is better to use desktop software. The effects and transitions of the app are varied; But there are many limitations to the free version. Of course, by receiving the cracked version from unofficial sources, you can access all its features for free.

Download free Ovicut app for Android and iOS

Ovicut - Smart Video Editor
  • Ovicut – Smart Video Editor
  • Price: Free – with in-app payments
  • Manufacturer: Hangzhou Qumeng Technology Co., Ltd
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 58 and 92 MB

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ovicut app

What features does the Ovicut program have?

The Ovicut app is a great option for quickly editing Tic Tac and Instagram videos. Support for various effects and transitions, green screen and application timeline are its strengths.

Where can I download the premium version of Ovicut?

The free version of Ovicut comes with a number of limitations; As a result, many users turn to the premium version. By searching the name of this app in Google, you can download the cracked version from unofficial sites for downloading mobile applications.

What are the best alternative video editors to Ovicut?

FilmoraGo and InShot are some of the most popular video editing apps for Android-based devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can go to the popular LumaFusion Pro or QUIK apps.

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