Introducing VivaVideo program; Powerful video editor and slideshow making tool for mobile

معرفی برنامه VivaVideo؛ ویرایشگر قدرتمند ویدیو و ابزار ساخت اسلایدشو در موبایل

VivaVideo app It is one of the most popular titles among mobile video editors, which managed to score 4.8 in the App Store and 4.4 in Google Play with more than 100 million downloads. But what are the factors that made this application successful? In the following, we will examine its features and capabilities.

Program VivaVideo

After installation and login to the main page VivaVideo application You will be presented with several different options such as internal camera and selfie camera; But the most important features in the section Edit Video Is located. Other items that can be selected on the home screen include a slideshow and effects. There is also a dedicated section for accessing previous projects.

Editor Features VivaVideo

After selecting the Edit Video option on the main screen, you will enter the file selection menu where you must select at least one clip from your device’s internal memory to edit. Selected clips are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you can change the order of the files by holding your finger on each of them. After selecting the desired video, you must key Next Tap to go to the editor page.

Inside the video editor of the program, there are several different tabs, the first option among which, Theme Is. In this fever can Ready templates Download and apply a variety for video. Most templates are available for free to users, but some with a VIP tag are only available to premium buyers. You can access more templates by selecting the More option; Unfortunately, there are no categories for this section, which makes it a little difficult to find the ones you want.

The next tab in the app’s video editor is titled Music Provided that you can change the audio and background music settings of the video. By selecting the Add Music option, it is possible to select music from the online archive of the program in various categories such as pop, blog, electronics, classical and rock. The user can also use the files stored on the memory of their device if they wish.

Other features in the music tab; Ability Sound extraction Other videos are called Extract music from video. The user can then place the extracted audio on their current clip. It is also possible to change the original sound of the video and background music and amplify it to double the ceiling.

The third and most important tab on the video editor page Clip Edit It has the name that most of the features related to video manipulation are included. The first option of this tab Filter Which includes various filters that can be applied to videos. Most filters provide the user with several different modes, and their intensity can also be adjusted in the Filter Level section. option Trim It is also intended for cutting video, and the Cut out feature in it can also remove extra parts of the video. Property Split It can also split a file into several different parts.

Change the video speed One of the attractive features of VivaVideo program is that you can create slow motion or timelapse clips through the panel. Speed Can be used. option Reverse Also for Reverse to play video It is used in a specific part or in its entirety.

If the project being edited consists of two or more parts, you can put different transitions between them. Also the possibility of independent selection of each Transition Or there is a general selection for all parts of the project. The Mute option to mute the video and the Rotate option to rotate the image are other features of the Clip Edit tab.

Last tab by name Effects Related features Animation، sticker And add Text Has placed within itself. Also, if you are interested, by selecting the Multi Music option, you can consider several audio tracks for the video, or you can record the audio directly on it. There is also a set of sound effects in the Sound Effects section that can be used.

By selecting the option Text The desired text can be placed on the video in various formats. One of the interesting features of this section is the ability to animate text and definition Movement pattern It is because it can only be seen in some competing titles. Fortunately, Arabic fonts are included in the program and it is possible Upload custom fonts There is also device memory.

To save the output file of the project, just touch the Save option in the upper right corner of the page. Unfortunately, the VivaVideo application does not provide its users with many possibilities in the field of video storage, and there is no news about the possibility. Adjust bit rate Or not the same. Only three options, Normal (480p), HD (720p) and Ultra HD (4K), are displayed when preparing the output file.

Build a slideshow in VivaVideo

As we mentioned in the previous sections, there are other options on the main page of the program, one of which is Slide show Is. By selecting this option, you must select several photos or videos for a slideshow. You will then be taken to a similar environment to the video editor; But there are some additional features.

For example, in the slideshow editor you will have access to different templates that have been optimized for this purpose. It is also possible to define the desired duration for each slide. Background music and visual effects are other features of this section. After creating the slideshow, you can save it in the device gallery or share it directly on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook and messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Concluding remarks

VivaVideo is one of the most popular mobile video editors that provides good features to its users; But the lack of some modern features, such as timeline, is also strongly felt. Since the release of this application in 2013, approx 9 years And developers need to think about fundamentally redesigning their product; Because over the years, very strong competitors have emerged.

Download the free VivaVideo app

VivaVideo - Video Editor & Maker
  • VivaVideo – Video Editor & Maker
  • Price: Free – with paid and in-app ads
  • Manufacturer: QuVideo Inc. Video Editor & Video Maker App
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 115 and 199 MB

Frequently Asked Questions about VivaVideo

What is the use of VivaVideo program?

The VivaVideo app is a video editor that also offers slideshows and a built-in selfie camera.

What are the features of the paid version of VivaVideo?

Users of the premium version of VivaVideo have access to more video editing capabilities and can take advantage of more online formats or music tracks.

How to download the premium version of VivaVideo for free?

By searching the name of VivaVideo program on the Internet, you can download the cracked version without any restrictions from the unofficial download sites of the application.

What are the best professional alternatives to the VivaVideo app on Android and iPhone?

FilmoraGo and InShot apps on Android and the LumaFusion Pro app on iPhone and iPad are some of the best alternatives to VivaVideo.

This article was written by “Amin Bigzadeh” and was updated on “July 1, 1401” by “Amir Imam Juma”.

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