Introduction of Meitu application; Professional camera and selfie and video editor

معرفی اپلیکیشن Meitu؛ دوربین و ویرایشگر حرفه‌ای تصاویر و ویدیوهای سلفی

The growing popularity of social media in recent years has made image or video enhancement programs an integral part of smartphones. Although most social platforms have basic editing capabilities; But using proprietary titles such as the Meitu app can lead to better results.

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After installing and running the Meitu application, you will quickly realize that you are faced with a comprehensive program with many features. Unfortunately, the design of the app is not very integrated and does not offer a simple and minimal appearance. Many features are constantly being repeated in different sections, and such a thing can confuse the user at first.

In general, the focus of the Meitu app is on providing features related to face editing and beautification. It is possible to use the program’s capabilities on images or videos stored in the device’s internal memory, or users can view the applicable changes live with the help of their mobile camera.

The Beautify tool is one of the most important pillars of the program, which allows you to adjust various items such as smoothness, brightness, whiteness and transparency. Of course, there is no need to manually adjust all of the above, and the app will automatically set the value. The Fine tune tool also offers a variety of options for resizing the head and face, eyes, chin, nose, lips, cheeks, teeth, and overall face shape.

Ready-made styles are another thing that can give a new spirit to images and add various animations or effects to images or videos. Undoubtedly, no photo editing program can claim to be complete without providing various color filters, and the Meitu application follows the same rule. By default, limited filters and styles will be usable, and if needed, the user must download the desired items. Of course, some options are only available to premium owners.

The features mentioned in the previous sections can also be used in videos and can be used to add effects. The program also supports the built-in video editor, which has basic features such as cropping, color change, adding text and music. The Video Retouching section is also dedicated to beautifying videos.

Users of the Meitu app can also convert images stored on their device’s internal storage into collages. There is a wide variety of usable templates available to users that can be added to various effects, text and frames.

The Meitu app is a great option for adding effects to selfies or videos that provide users with a wide range of downloadable content. Unfortunately, the user interface of the program is not very simple and efficient; But the existence of numerous possibilities has reduced this weakness. Also, different ads embedded in different pages may annoy users, which can be removed by preparing a premium version or using unofficial versions.

Meitu - Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor
  • Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor
  • Price: Free (with in-app payment)
  • Manufacturer: Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.
  • operating system: Android and iOS
  • Volume: 122 and 351 MB


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