Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle; Attractive Racer Cafe with a higher price than Pride

معرفی موتور سیکلت اسوارتپیلن 249؛ کافه ریسری جذاب با قیمتی بیشتر از پراید

Recently, Kavir Motor One Company 250cc Racer Cafe motorcycle called Swartpilen 249 (svartpilen 250) has been introduced to the Iranian market and its sale has been keyed. This motorcycle has a classic and at the same time modern appearance Its platform is also shared with KTM Duke 250. In the following, we have examined the technical specifications of the Swartpylene 249 Kavir motorcycle, as well as the price of this attractive European engine. Please stay with Digito.

Introduction of Swartpilen Engine Desert 249 – Husqvarna Svartpilen 250

The Swedish company Huskvarna is one of the oldest industrial plants in the Scandinavian region, apparently founded about 300 years ago. But the company’s engine division began operating around 1903 and now operates under the auspices of the famous Austrian company KTM.

The word Swartpil in Swedish means black arrow And now it is on one of the newest products of Hoscovarna Varna. The Swartpilon 250 is almost the same as our KTM Duke 250 in terms of platform and chassis, but it looks completely different and looks like a Cahoris-class style. Of course, the characteristics of Nikd motorcycles are also felt to some extent.

Swartpylene 249 Desert Engine

This motorcycle has been introduced to the world market along with another model called Whitpill 250, which are not much different from each other, except for some apparent differences with each other. Kavir Motor Company has decided to offer Husqvarna Svartpilen 249 (Husqvarna Svartpilen 250) to the Iranian market due to diversifying its list of products in its Cafe Race class.

This motorcycle has a very attractive design in terms of appearance, especially the design of the fuel tank, saddle, steering wheel, headlight bowl, technical part including engine – gearbox – chassis tubes, etc., all give a very high charm to the appearance of this motorcycle racer cafe and as if It was brought to Earth from another planet.

1645157161 619 Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle Attractive Racer Cafe with a Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle; Attractive Racer Cafe with a higher price than Pride 3

Of course Dimensions This motorcycle in A little small action And maybe if you see it up close for the first time, its size will not meet your expectations very well. But other than this, there is no particular criticism of the appearance of the Swartpilen 249, and certainly this European motorcycle is currently considered one of the most beautiful types in our country. Soft and spacious seat, vertical driving mode, good quality suspension And … makes the maneuverability of this motorcycle to be appropriate and also the comfort of riding with it is largely guaranteed.

Technical specifications of Swartpylene 249 Kavir motorcycle

This Swedish motorcycle has the power it needs from an engine Four-stroke single-cylinder 4-valve injector with two overhead camshafts Equipped with balance shaft and electric starter. This power plant can Power equal to 31.2 hp and 24 Nm of torque at 1500 Round the minute through the chain mechanism and in interaction with Transfer a six-speed gearbox equipped with a multi-plate oil clutch to the rear wheel.

1645157161 261 Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle Attractive Racer Cafe with a Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle; Attractive Racer Cafe with a higher price than Pride 5

The Swartpilon weighs 153 kilograms, has a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 liters and, according to some sources, can reach speeds of up to 146 kilometers per hour. The zero to 100 acceleration of this two-wheeled vehicle is also announced for about 9 seconds. Acceleration from 0 to 60 Swartpilon 250 is also stated in about 3.5 seconds, which shows the very good agility of this motorcycle.

1645157162 434 Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle Attractive Racer Cafe with a Introduction of Swartpylene 249 motorcycle; Attractive Racer Cafe with a higher price than Pride 7

It is worth mentioning that 320 mm brake discs for the front and 230 mm for the rear are used along with the ABS anti-lock system, and good performance is provided to stop this motorcycle at high speeds.

By reading the table below, all the technical specifications of 249 will be informed to you:

Engine type : Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, DOHC
Cylinder volume : 248.8 cc (cubic centimeter)
Maximum power : 23 kW (31.2 hp)
gear box : 6 speeds
Clutch : Multi-plate immersed in oil
cooling system : Cool liquid
Recommended engine oil : SAE 15W-50
Illuminator Electric starter
Battery : 12 volts, 8 amps
Speedometer : Digital

Fuel system Injector (EFI) by BOSCH
Pollution level : EURO 5

Front suspension : APEX model fork 43
Rear suspension : Monoshock APEX model
Front brake : 320 mm disc, anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Rear brake : 230 mm disc, anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Front tire : 110 / 70-17
Rear tire : 150 / 60-17

Dimensions and sizes
Height in front of the saddle to the ground : 835 mm
Distance of the main body to the ground : 145 mm
Wheelbase distance : 15.5 ± 1357 mm
Fuel tank capacity : 9.5 liters

Price of Swartpylene 249 in Iran

Swartpilen 249 is considered one of the most attractive and exciting racing cafes in the current market of our country, and due to its power and good acceleration, relatively comfortable ride, favorable brakes and very attractive design, it can attract many customers very quickly. Slowly

Swartpylene 250

But unfortunately, there is a relatively difficult obstacle in the development of this motorcycle in Iran, and that is its relatively high price; At the moment The 14-month installment purchase price of this motorcycle is equal to 237 One million tomans has been announced by Kavir Motor, which only certain groups can definitely pay. So if from Have sufficient financial capacity And you need a motorcycle racer cafe with relatively exciting technical performance and different design, it is better Swartpylene 249 Explore more and enjoy riding with it if you like.

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