Investment of 500 billion dollars in the chip industry and construction of new factories

Investment of 500 billion dollars in the chip industry and construction of new factories

Recently, the company Semi In his latest quarterly report regarding the overall forecast in the chip and semiconductor industry, he admitted that from 2021 to 2023, the investment in this sector was 500 billion dollars, which was spent on equipping or building 84 chip production complexes, and this includes chips The need in automobiles and high-end computer processing products is also there.

In the same report, it is stated that this year, the record of establishing 33 semiconductor factories in the world has been set, and the construction project of 28 other factories is scheduled to start in 2023. In this regard, Ajit Manocha, the CEO of SEMI, stated that the new statistics show the great and strategic importance of semiconductors and chips for countries, and that these products are used worldwide in various industries.

In the published report, the investment and incentive policies of the government are emphasized in expanding the construction of these factories and the production line, and also a suitable long-term perspective for the growth of the chip industry in various uses is predicted. The United States of America has provided appropriate economic incentives with the new Chips and Science Act, and this law intends to make America the leading and privileged region for investment in this regard.

SEMI chip report

The government’s investment in this field creates infrastructure, ecosystem and consumption facilities for companies, and this is another positive point. In this report, it is also predicted that from 2021 to the end of 2023, America will start the production of a total of 18 new facilities in this regard. China, another active and important country in this sector, is going to surpass other geographical regions in terms of new production facilities in the future and has set the agenda to build and launch 20 new technologies and factories.

In Europe and the Middle East, with the approval of the chip law, it is estimated that investment in this field will reach the highest level, and the construction of 17 production complexes is expected by the end of 2023. In the same direction, the country of Taiwan is going to start the construction of 14 new facilities, while for Japan and Southeast Asia, the construction of only 6 new factories is planned for each of these two regions.

South Korea also plans to build 3 factories. In this regard, the latest report of SEMI World Fab Forecast, which was published this month, listed more than 1470 factories and chip production lines around the world, and some of them are going to start production in the near future.

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