IOS 15 brings new settings and modes to the notification area

IOS 15 brings new settings and modes to the notification area

Apple will start its developer conference on June 17 this year, and we expect to see iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 at the same event. This version includes changes to the iPhone notification section and finally allows you to use widgets on the iPad home screen.

Apple is likely to unveil a feature in iOS 15 Allows Select notification settings depending on your circumstances. It will be possible to change the notifications settings easily from the lock screen or the control center. Also, you can probably change these settings via Siri. The various notification settings will likely include “Driving”, “Work”, “Sleep” and personalized modes.

In any of the notification settings, you can choose how you want your device to receive notifications; For example, whether there is a sound from the device or not, and what type or volume of that sound it is. In addition, depending on your situation, there will be the ability to automatically respond to messages. This feature is an advanced version of the feature that is currently only enabled in driving mode.

In addition, an update to iMessages will be released in the future to turn the service into something like a social network to make Apple more competitive with WhatsApp. Not many details have been released about this feature yet, and this feature may not exist at all in iOS 15.

iPadOS 15 finally benefits from widgets. This means that just like the iPhone, on the iPad you can place widgets anywhere on the screen and fill your entire home screen with these attractive widgets.

Future versions of iOS and iPadOS will likely have new privacy features as well. One of these features is a menu that lets you know which apps are secretly collecting information.

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