IOS 15 will likely be equipped with the ability to record and track food consumed

سیستم عامل iOS 15 احتمالا به قابلیت ثبت و ردیابی غذاهای مصرفی مجهز می‌شود

Although there are only a few weeks left until the introduction of iOS 15, but not much information about this update has reached the Internet. Recently, a report said that iOS 15 will have improvements in Dark Mode, Messages app, food tracking and features in the Health app.

According to a Twitter user named Connor Jewiss Claiming to have seen iOS 15, Apple plans to add a new feature to record food information in the Health app. This feature will likely allow users to track their calorie intake by tracking the foods they eat and be aware of the nutritional value of each meal. Unfortunately, no specific details of this feature are available at this time and we do not know if the user will have to enter this information manually or if it will be possible to use a specific food database.

This source also confirmed the UI changes that were previously disclosed in the screenshots. Connor Jewiss says iOS 15 will have new settings for notifications and will likely change their appearance on the lock screen.

According to today’s report, iOS 15 will likely have minor optimizations to the Dark Mode and Messages apps. Bloomberg had previously said in April that the notifications section would be updated so that users could change their settings according to their current situation. For example, pre-configured settings for waking, working, sleeping, etc. are provided so you can move between them easily and quickly.

The iMore website also confirmed Connor Jewiss’ report, saying it had received similar information from a new source, although some of the data may be incorrect. It is not clear at this time whether or not both reports received their information from the same source.

The new version of iOS will probably be introduced at the Apple Developers Conference, which will start on June 6th. The new generation MacBook Pro is also expected to be unveiled at the event.

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